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Tatra banka

22.6.2018 17:28

Spoločensky zodpovedný fondTB

Invest into the Spoločensky zodpovedný fondTB (Socially Responsible Fund)
if you are interested in interesting yields, and are also concerned about the conduct
of the businesses into which you invest.

  • Income from the business of socially responsible entities;
  • Each 1% in the growth of the yield is locked-in;
  • The locked-in yield is protected;
  • The risk of potential setbacks is limited.


  • Interesting yield potential as rationally it can be expected that such firms will be successful in their business.
  • Your yield is locked-in as the fund continually protects not only the value of the investment, but also each 1% in the growth of the initial value.
  • Good feeling from making the investment, as you can indirectly support business activities of firms who contribute to a higher level of life quality for all of us.

In addition, following you investment in the Spoločensky zodpovedný fondTB we will support the Tatra Banka Foundation, the main purpose of which is promoting education.



The fund invests into the shares and bonds of European socially responsible firms:

  • Share component
    The fund's portfolio comprises a share component with shares of European firms that have been thoroughly analysed and passed very stringent selection criteria. The maximum proportion of shares is 60%.
  • Bond component
    The bond component comprises safe government bonds, except for bonds issued in countries with problems in public finance according to our country evaluation model.

The recommended investment horizon is 5 years, and sticking to it is crucial in order to achieve the yield.

Protection of your investments
The value of both the investment and yields is secured continually. This means your money is subject to triple protection:

  • We protect the yield. Each 1% in the growth of the initial value of the fund is locked-in. Thus, in the case of any setback of the share component, you will have secured the maximum locked-in value of the fund.
  • We protect the investment: the fund secures the maximum locked-in value so that in unfavourable times returning to this level does not take longer than 5 years.
  • We limit extreme setbacks: no temporary decrease in the locked-in value exceeds 10%.


Social responsibility

Social responsibility

The investment method matters to us. Therefore, Tatra banka is the first Slovak signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment, the international initiative under UNO patronage.

Responsible conduct is an important prerequisite of long-term and successful business. Therefore, it is usually rewarded in the form of profit. By investing into the Spoločensky zodpovedný fondTB you have the opportunity to take part in the successful business of responsible firms.

We are aware of the fact that the investment method matters:

  • When setting up the portfolio, firms doing their business in sectors that are contrary to social responsibility (alcohol, tobacco, weapons, etc.) will be excluded from the portfolio.
  • We will focus solely on firms that significantly contribute to social development, and will invest exclusively into them in fields such as: employee care, transparency, product safety, alternative energies, environmental protection, etc.


Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Minimum investment into the fund is EUR 150.
You can choose any of the four protected funds and you can make your investment:

  • At any branch of Tatra banka (currently also in the first Centrum investovaniaTB (Investment Centre) at Aupark in Bratislava); or
  • Electronically by means of the i:invest service in your Internet bankingTB.