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Tatra banka

19.6.2018 04:24

Managed depositTB

Get yield from the growth in global financial markets
with a guaranteed deposit. Your initial investment is guaranteed
due to the unique product. It is sold during limited periods of time
defined by the bank. Currently this product is not being offered.

  • Attractive management
  • Guaranteed deposit
  • Part of Reward programTB


  • For the first time, the guaranteed deposit allows you to get additional income resulting from active management;
  • Guaranteed return on deposits;
  • The deposit is taken into consideration for Reward programTB purposes;
  • After the lapse of the deposit tying period, you are entitled to bonus interest.


Structured deposits combine the best of term deposits and investment products:

  • Guaranteed deposit
  • Guaranteed interest
  • Potential for above-average appreciation

The total yield is influenced by future developments on the global financial markets, and the return on the deposit is guaranteed by Tatra banka.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the product:

  • One-off bank deposit in the minimum amount of EUR 1,000;
  • Appreciated over a 4-year tying period, you only have a share in profits;
  • During the standard tying period, the deposit is appreciated in the amount of 1.3 % per annum with the option to be paid additional bonus interest;
  • No additional deposits to and/or early withdrawals from the account are allowed during the deposit tying period.

This deposit is a deposit under Section 3 (1) of Act no. 118/1996 Coll. on Protection of Deposits and on the change of and supplement to some acts.

Continuous development

Continuous development

RV001 constant
Value of the RV001 constant is 7.3944 %.

Value of the T1 index
The table comprises the T1 index value for the specified dates (as of the last banking day of the relevant calendar month) calculated by Tatra banka, a.s. and the calculation agent in accordance with T1 Index Rules. Such T1 index values also comprise any and all related costs and charges. The T1 base value as of the T1 index reference date (1 November 2009) is 100 points.

In the case of incorrectly calculated T1 value, Tatra banka, a.s. as the calculation agent shall have the right to correct it.