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Tatra banka

22.6.2018 17:28

Protiinflačný vkladTB (PIV 2)

Protect your money against real threats.
vkladTB (Anti-inflation Deposit) protects your savings against inflation
and offers realistic appreciation.
It is sold during limited periods of time defined by the bank. Currently this product is not being offered.

  • Safe form of appreciation offering realistic appreciation
  • Protects savings against inflation
  • Guaranteed deposit
  • Part of the Reward programTB


  • It offers 5% bonus interest for the first year;
  • Provides anti-inflation protection in following years;
  • One-off 5-year bank deposit in the minimum amount of EUR 1,000;
  • No entry fee.


Amount of bonus interest charged on Protiinflačný vkladTB (Anti-inflation Deposit):

  • 5% for the first year;
  • For years 2-5 depends on the increase in prices measured by the harmonised consumer inflation index of the Eurozone, except for tobacco, published by Eurostat;
  • Will be paid as of the deposit's due date.

This deposit is deemed a deposit under Section 3 (1) of Act no. 118/1996 Coll. on Protection of Deposits and on the change of and supplement to some acts.