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We cancel Tatra banka deposit books

Vkladná knižka and Vkladná knižka Junior will expire on September 30, 2022.

How to cancel a passbook

What will happen to my savings?

The funds you have saved will be paid to you at any Tatra banka branch with cash register upon presentation of the passbook and proof of identity.

What if I won't make it in time?

If you have a current account from Tatra banka, which is maintained in the same currency as the canceled passbook, the entire saved amount will be sent to this current account after 30 September 2022.

Do you have an account at another bank? Don't worry, you won't lose your savings. We will register them for you until the expiration of the limitation period. We will pay the balance on the passbook to any Tatra banka branch with cash register upon presentation of proof of identity.

We cancel Tatra banka deposit books

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