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Availability of Internet banking

Payment orders in Internet Banking can be made 24/7, except for the time of daily cut-offs. During the daily cut-off times, account transactions and B-mail are temporarily unavailable; account balances are informative only and payment orders are made with the next day’s clearing date. Payment orders can be entered with the current date until approximately 21:30.

Daily cut-off time:

on business days from 21:45 to 22:45 for about 30 minutes
on Saturdays from 21:45 to 23:45 for about 1.5 hours

On Sundays and holidays, the system works with the date of the next bank business day, which is why payments are made on those days with a maturity date according to the client’s order (Monday to Saturday excluding holidays).

Payment orders entered via Internet Banking with a maturity date later than the date of their entry (with a maturity date later than the current date in the system) will be made by the bank in the early morning hours of the maturity date. With the selected repeated payment option and insufficient funds on the account on the given clearing date, the system will attempt to make the payment repeatedly in the morning and afternoon hours of the clearing date.

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