Technical information

To correctly use Internet Banking, it is necessary to install Flash Player version 10.3 or higher in one of the supported browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 35.0 or higher
  • Google Chrome 39 or higher
  • Apple Safari 5 or higher on the Apple Mac OS X platform.
  • Minimum supported screen resolution (or browser size) is 1024x768 pixels

Network and security settings

Internet Banking is only accessible via a SSL protocol. The SSL protocol uses TCP port 443 rather than TCP port 80, so make sure that your proxy server (firewall) supports this port. You can test the functionality of your connection via the port by clicking this link: SSL connection test

Successful test: the browser shows the “Connection test went OK” message.

Unsuccessful test: the browser shows an error message or nothing. It means that there was no connection with the server via SSL protocol port 443.

Proxy server settings

It is not possible to log into Internet Banking via a proxy server that rotates IP addresses (so-called “floating” IP address). Internet Banking checks the session ID and packet source address; it if does not match, the session times out. In such cases, the system shows this notification: “Spojenie je zrušené/The connection is interrupted”. Session timeout.”

For identification of a “floating” IP address you can use the following link.

If a “floating” IP address is identified, you need to log in through another proxy server or change the proxy server settings.

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