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Pay securely online. In the MobilePayTB application, you have all your cards clearly in one place.

A mobile payment with a one-time card number

Pay securely using a one-time card number

Mobile payments and card management in the MobilePay app

Manage your limits and the permitted continents according to your own needs

Attractive discounts at merchants thanks to My Benefit

Take advantage of the My Benefits credit card loyalty program

My Doctor service for your health

With My Doctor, your credit card will take care of your health

Benefits of MobilePayTB

Make the most of your cards. With MobilePayTB:

  • you have all your cards in one place - debit, credit, private and corporate
  • pay securely on the internet with a one-time card number generated in the app
  • for private credit cards, you get unique benefits - My Benefit and My Doctor
  • you have an overview of completed transactions - anytime, anywhere
  • you set limits on cards (for cash withdrawal, internet) according to your needs and online
  • you can view the plastic card PIN code whenever you need it in the app

Note: As of March 31, 2020 we are discontinuing support for MobilePayTB for Android with OS version 4.x for security reasons.

Activation of the mobile app

Payments for goods directly with your mobile phone

When you activate the application, choose your own PIN for the application. You then use it for all tasks within the app:

  • generate a one-time card number,
  • enter the card details and so on.

Do you have at least one payment card issued by Tatra banka?

Then you can activate the MobilePayTB app right now.

The app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

The activation requires:

Online payments

With MobilePayTB, you pay securely on the Internet with a one-time card number generated in the application.
How to do it?

  1. Check that you have active internet access on your mobile phone.
  2. Choose from the list of cards the one you want to use to pay.
  3. Click on the “Online payment” button.
  4. After confirming with the PIN code, the app displays one-time card details to use for the payment at the store.
  5. In case of payment evaluation at a risky merchant, merchant associated with phishing attacks or required Strong Client Authentication (SCA), you may be asked to authorize the payment in the Tatra banka application.

Our tip: If you are shopping directly from your phone, the details can be simply copied. If you are shopping from another device, enter the card details in the store’s form. Card details are also available as a notification in the phone’s top bar.

Important: Adjust the amount of your daily internet limit based on the amount of your purchase before giving your credit card to the merchant, and then reduce the limit to a minimum after payment.

Generate a one-time card number in the application before the actual payment.

One-time card data can only be used for one payment/purchase*, so your card data is maximally protected against misuse.

*The Account Verification Request type is not considered a single payment/purchase. An Account Verification Request is a zero or very low value transaction in which the merchant verifies that the card is valid. However, this transaction will not invalidate the one-time card number. The one-time payment card number will be revoked only after the first payment/purchase following the Account Verification Request transaction.

Providing a one-time card number to the merchant does not terminate the client's obligation to pay for the agreed goods and services.

One-time card information cannot be used to register a card with a merchant for a long time. We also do not recommend using them as a guarantee, for example, when booking a hotel, car rental, etc.

Cards in the app

The MobilePayTB app contains all the important information about your card.

To access the card details, just click on the card's picture in the list of cards and you will learn:

  • what type of card you hold,
  • when the card expires,
  • amount of limits,
  • if you have chosen travel insurance and what type.

In addition, the following functionalities are available

Overview of mobile payments and card settings online
  • Transactions
    All transactions made via the card (by the card as such and by smartphone).All transactions made via the card (by the card as such and by smartphone).
  • Card settings
    Allows you to change card settings – daily limits, permitted continents and payment method.
  • Change of card name
    Choose your own card name (the change will also be transferred to Internet BankingTB and the Tatra banka mobile app).
  • Card blocking
    If necessary, your card can be instantly blocked. You can call our DIALOG Live contact center to unblock your card.

My Benefit

My Benefit is a program that allows you to get attractive discounts at selected merchants when paying with a Visa standard and Visa gold credit card.

All you have to do is activate the offer by clicking on it. You no longer need discount coupons or loyalty cards.

Once you have activated the offer, you only need to pay with the merchant by credit card (this also applies to additional cards issued to your card account).

We'll credit your credit for all savings received within one month to your card account by the 15th of the following calendar month.

My Doctor

As the only bank in Slovakia, we bring you the My Doctor service to credit cards, thanks to which both Slovak and foreign specialists are available to consult your diagnosis. You can also try:

  • AIDA symptom diagnosis
  • Doctor on the phone
  • Second medical opinion
  • AIDA Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

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