Gift CardTB

Bet on a gift that will please absolutely everyone.

Personal gift cards for your loved ones with a credit of €50 or €100

A card with a credit of €50 or €100

Gift Card – a payment card as a gift

Instantly usable, no need to activate it

Purchase of gifts from stores with Visa Electron

Accepted in many locations

Gift Card – an exclusively wrapped surprise for your loved ones

Attractive card and gift package design

Benefits of a gift card

Give your loved ones what they want. An elegant Gift CardTB with an exclusive design and an attractive package is an ideal surprise that they can use to buy precisely what they want.

There are several reasons why the Gift CardTB is an ideal gift. Look what benefits are offered to those who get the card:

  • If you order a card via the DIALOG Live contact center, it will be delivered to you by courier.
  • There are no additional fees for use of the card.
  • When shopping at stores, you pay without a PIN code.
  • You can choose a card cover from various attractive designs.
  • You can find out the card balance fast and simply via the free DIALOG Live contact center.
  • You can get and give a gift card even if you are not a Tatra banka customer.

Personal Visa Electron Gift Card

Where can the card be instantly used?

  • at all stores with the Visa Electron logo
  • at retail stores
  • for online purchases

How to get a gift card

You can apply at our branch or order it from the comfort of your home.

You will be instantly issued a gift card at any Tatra banka branch or delivered by courier when purchased via the DIALOG Live contact center.

To buy a gift card you only need:

  • your ID card or passport,
  • to pay the prepaid card value and the card fee of €7 if purchased at a branch, or €10 if ordering a card via the DIALOG Live contact center with courier delivery.


Personal gift for purchases at retail stores and online

Find out how this one-time card works:

  • A Gift CardTB is a prepaid payment card with a credit of €50 or €100, with no reloading option.
  • Maximum daily limit is up to the credit balance on the card.
  • One-time card fee at a Tatra banka branch is €7, with courier delivery it is €10.
  • The card can be used to make cashless payments (payments for goods/services) not ATM cash withdrawals.

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