Embossed card issued with a current account.

MasterCard debit card with a contactless payment option

Quick contactless payments

Payment transaction management in Internet Banking and the Tatra banka mobile app

Online card management

Unlimited payment options with MasterCard

Purchases at shops and via the Internet plus ATM withdrawals

A globally recognized embossed payment card with contactless functionality

Worldwide use

MasterCard benefits

International embossed payment card.

Simply manage your card settings by Online card management in the Tatra banka and MobilePayTB mobile apps, via Internet BankingTB, DIALOG Live contact center or at any Tatra banka branch.

You can use your MasterCard to pay at retail stores, online or to make ATM withdrawals worldwide.

You can also activate unique travel insurance with your card. In cooperation with UNIQA insurance company we offer you annual travel insurance for ONLY €30. The insurance is valid worldwide for any trips lasting up to 90 days and in addition to covering you it also covers all family members traveling with you.*

*Spouse or partner of the cardholder up to 65 years old and children of the cardholder up to 18 years old when traveling together with the cardholder.

Debetnú kartu MasterCard získate k bežnému účtu s balíkom Tatra Personal alebo k účtu bez balíka služieb

Look at the benefits you get with your MasterCard

You can get a MasterCard:

  •  with an account with the Tatra PersonalTB package
  • or even with an account without any service package

after showing a valid ID card if you are at least 18 years old.

The maximum daily limit is from €xxx to €3,000.

The maximum daily cash limit is identical with the overall daily limit.

Monthly card fee is €2.

Leave your telephone number and we will contact you

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