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Protect yourself and your family

Why protect yourself and your family?

One feels safe if something serious happens to oneself or family. Also events that can cause a long-term loss of regular income. Living without regular income for a long time does not mean only a significant decline in one’s standard of living but can also bring dire financial straits to an individual or family. Such unexpected events are exactly what life insurance covers.

Life Insurance – covering events associated with the greatest financial risks

First of all, life insurance should cover the most serious and most frequently occurring risks that are the biggest financial threat. These risks include serious injuries with long-term consequences or death. In such cases the insurance company pays the insured person or family an agreed sum of money that will help cover the loss of income.

Tatra Banka Life Insurance will help you protect yourself and your family

Insurance is not a useless waste of money

Tatra banks offers you a product that ensures you will not waste your money if nothing serious happens to you during the entire insurance term:

  • we guarantee that a sum of money agreed in advance will be paid to you,
  • you will actually get back most of the insurance premium you paid.

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