Guaranteed InvestmentTB (Currently not offered)

Get more from your returns and maximum from the most powerful assets.

An attractive return similar to equity funds

The opportunity to achieve attractive appreciation

Guaranteed investments with no negative return

No risk of loss to your principal

Guaranteed investment is part of the Reward Program

Part of the Reward ProgramTB


  • You participate in the appreciation
    Stocks, bonds and commodities are traditional assets that are a regular focus of attention for successful investors. However, with the Guaranteed InvestmentTB service, you can directly participate in their appreciation, moreover without running the risk of losing your principal investment.
  • Strong focus on profitable appreciationOnly a few people can predict whether stocks, bonds or commodities will do better, but the unique quality of the new Guaranteed InvestmentTB service will allow you to now participate to a greater degree in stocks with the best appreciation.
Share in the return on investments in stocks, bonds and commodities

Tranches realized

The previous tranche not offered any longer. Guaranteed investmentTB payable until 30 June 2018

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