Benefits of Premium Banking Care Benefits of Premium Banking Care
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Discover the Benefits of Premium Care

Satisfied customers

Daniela, Bratislava

My Personal banker is nice, she tries to meet my needs, advises beyond the scope, is professional in communication and knowledge.

Marián, Chorvátsky Grob

I like the fast reactions of the Personal banker and contact via video.

Natália, Bratislava

Having a Personal banker is practical, we communicate through a video call. My banker can answer the questions and everything works promptly.

Janka, Bratislava

Meetings with my Personal banker have added value, he gives me a lot of information, is available and helpful.

Let yourself be indulged with the care of a personal banker

A personal banker will shift your experience in banking services to a higher level

  • Tatra banka personal bankers care for your comfort and will make your life with the bank easier.
  • The management of your money will always be their priority and they will help you find solutions that will address your needs.

Many benefits for others; even more benefits for you

  • Your loans will be approved as a priority; with even a better interest rate.
  • As a premium client, only you have the opportunity to get the Visa Gold credit card with multiple of benefits.
You can get the Visa Gold credit card only as a premium client

Premium care for your savings

As a premium client, you will get various benefits in the field of investment

  • As a premium client, you have the opportunity for a priority investment into time-limited investment products with a guaranteed principal sum. For example, the popular Guaranteed certificate and special portfolio of premium funds in TAM.
  • You will get our personal custom-made investment recommendation according to your needs and individual investment profile.
  • You can make investments into a wider range of funds with a higher yield potential.


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