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Secret page from the creator of this site :)


You have just reached a secret page, created as an easter egg (secret surprise) directly from the main creator of this (also Slovak) TAM website :)
I created it for the most curious, who you are too :).

My name is Dominik Kozmáli and I was the main creator and father of the 2nd year-long project, the creation of the entire Tatra Asset Management website, which you are currently on :). Also its Slovak version.

I firmly believe that you like it and the project that was entrusted to me in its form and completed, together with a team of skilful people who helped me a lot with it, will bring you joy for a long time found and completed things :).


Best regards and have a nice day
Dominik Kozmáli




PS.: Don't forget to relax and follow the inner voice :)

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