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Tatra banka

1.12.2015 22:52


IBAN - (International Bank Account Number) – international bank account number enabling an unambiguous client identification and automated payment processing. It is obligatory to specify beneficiary’s account in IBAN form with executing payments within the countries of the EU and the EEA. 

IBAN converter


IBAN validátor

Failure to do so is charged in terms of the Service Charges.

IBAN code structure is a combination of the ISO country code, bank code and client’s account number as follows:

SK 2 characters for country code
nn 2 control characters
nnnn 4 characters for bank code
nnnnnnnnnnn 16 characters for the prefix and number of client’s account

*IBAN for the SR has 24 characters

List of countries using IBAN code is available here


For executing a payment outside the EU and the EEA we recommend
you to verify the
obligation of
specifying the beneficiary’s
account number
in IBAN form.