Our new card designs feature work
by contemporary Slovak artists


We already know from the history of art and culture that artists often formed movements together and broke stereotypes. They presented their attitudes and intentions through a manifesto. Tatra banka also decided to make a breakthrough. After 17 years, we are changing the design of our payment cards. We are bringing a piece of art to every wallet in cooperation with contemporary Slovak artists.

1. We want to prove that art breaks stereotypes. 2. We have the courage to experiment and do things differently. 3. We believe creativity has a place in everyday life. 4. We want people to see art has a meaning. 5. Only when we join forces we can create a more colourful world. 6. It's finding difference what makes everyday creativity unique. 7. We want to spread smile among people and show them the beauty of art. 8. We create a relationship between people and art. 9. It is necessary to bring a change into art. 10. We believe that through collaboration, we can make the world a better place.

How did the visuals of Tatra banka's payment cards changed