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Application Tatra banka

Do you like our Internet bankingTB? You will love our mobile app! Enjoy the benefits of the most award-winning mobile banking in Central Europe. Download the latest version.

Withdraw cash from an ATM by using the bank app

Cash withdrawal by smartphone

Management of personal and family finances with use of the bank app

Management of finances

Fingerprint or face scan login

Fingerprint or face scan login

Payment card management in a bank app

Online card management

Benefits of using the application

Enjoy full mobile banking in your pocket and a lot of benefits it offers:

ATM withdrawal with a mobile phone

Withdraw cash from Tatra banka ATMs easily with a mobile phone. Save your time and avoid the risk of your card misuse without the need to carry a purse. You only have to be a holder of an account with the Tatra PersonalTB, Tatra BusinessTB or Tatra CorporateTB service package. The one-time and daily limit for such a withdrawal is €500.

MaFin Management of finances

Obtain an overview of your finances and plan your financial future thanks to the tools for management of your finances.

  • Spending ReportTB
    Monitor your income and expenses, create well-arranged categories and set up an independent overview for each of them.
  • Assets and liabilities
    Compare the amount of your assets (deposits and investments) against your liabilities. You can gain a comprehensive overview by adding any other of your own assets or liabilities outside Tatra banka.
  • Goals
    The setting and monitoring of goals is the key to their successful achievement. Allocate your finances at Tatra banka, at another bank or any other products or assets to your goals so you can monitor how well you are succeeding in meeting your goals.

Show balance before login

Check your current account balance simply and without sign-in - just by dragging the logo on the Home screen. You can find this option in the Application Settings.


Adaptable home screen

Customize the look of your home screen. You can set which widgets you want to see as well as their order. You can find the settings directly on the home screen (top right corner) or in the Application Settings.

Payment cards management

Set the limits on your debit and credit cards according to your needs and allow use of a card only on selected continents. For example, if you travel exclusively around Europe, to increase security you may deactivate using the payment card on the other continents. In need be, you can also block your card immediately. 

Debit and credit cards in the bank app

Push notifications about account or credit card transactions

Push notifications are used to notify the user of movements and various other activities in their current account or credit card. A necessary condition for delivering push notifications is activated Tatra banka application on the given mobile device.
You can set their settings easily in Tatra banka application. In the Menu, select Settings and the B-mail tab. In the form, select PUSH as a way to deliver the message.
Compared to SMS messages, push notifications allow you to click directly into the detail of the movement or product and you do not need to delete them because they are not stored on the mobile device.

Download the app and start to use its benefits today:



In the new version 3.5 of Tatra banka app you can find

  • Unified list of debit and credit cards, improved Cards widget and card detail for increased clarity
  • One-time card number for secure e-commerce payments
  • Possibility to obtain a digital credit card ready for immediate use
  • Chatbot Adam - setting up an automatic payment to a credit card, savings to Mutual FundsTB
  • Display of the real amount of the estimated monthly pension
  • Other improvements to increase users‘ satisfaction


Other important functions of the bank application

The Tatra banka app represents a fast way to funds. It is full of innovations and functionalities that are designed for everyday use.

  • Accounts

    With the Tatra banka app you always have available information concerning your current balance and movements on the account, as well as reports on an optional overdraft. You may export the information about movements and also send it to an e-mail address. Possibility to open a current account with the Tatra PersonalTB service package or Self emloyed accountTB.
  • Payments

    In the application you can execute transfer orders, use a mail order scanner, invoices and IBAN. You can also create and manage predefined recipients, pending payments, as well as standing orders and direct debits.
  • Credit Cards

    You have an overview of the balance and movements on the credit card, an option of fast repayment of an amount due and you may also view the calendar of the closest closing dates and due dates while you can perform transfers to any account within the Slovak Republic. Show PIN code to payment card.
  • Debit Cards

    You can monitor various information, movements and manage limits on your debit card. Show PIN code to payment card.
  • Loans 

    You have available the basic information on an Any-Purpose consumer loan, mortgage loan or American mortgage. Self employers find in the application also information about BusinessLoanTB Expres and BusinessLoanTB Hypo.
  • Branches and ATMs

    Here you will find a list and map of Tatra banka branches and ATMs, including an option to navigate or obtain more information on the selected branch and ATM.
  • Demo 

    You do not have to log in every time. All functionalities of the application are available for you also in the DEMO regime without logging in.

    You can activate VIAMO directly in application Tatra banka.
  • Online chat

    If you have any questions, you can contact our virtual banker AdamTB.
  • Offers

    As soon as a new offer is available for you, for example for a pre-approved credit card, an Any-Purpose consumer loan, optional overdraft, etc. we will let you know in the app.
  • Contacts

    You can find the various ways to contact the bank here.
  • Supplementary Pension Saving program

    Overview of your contributions, total sum of savings and other information concerning your pension funding.
  • TAM Mutual Funds

    Overview of your investments, possibility to open of Investment savings in Mutual fundsTB.
  • Inbox of messages and documents

    You will not miss important messages (e.g. on overdue payments) and documents with automatically-sent notification of their acceptance.
  • Contractual documentation

    An overview of selected documentation is also useful.
  • News

    You can also use an overview of important information from the bank.
  • Foreign exchange rate list, including currency calculator

    You can monitor the currently applicable exchange rates for foreign currencies and the exchange rate history and use the currency calculator.

Limits of payments through Tatra banka app:

One-time payments (payments entered through the Tatra banka VIAMO application are included in these limits):

  • EUR 3,000 per accounting day and EUR 30,000 per month without additional authorization or PIN authorization (sdditional PIN authorization required for payments over 500 EUR),
  • EUR 30,000 per accounting day and EUR 300,000 per month in case of additional authorization by ČítačkaTB or Card and ReaderTB,
  • unlimited payments for entrepreneurs in case of additional authorization by ČítačkaTB or Card and ReaderTB, activation in the branch is required after checking the signature patterns in the account.

Standing orders: EUR 3,000 depending on the date of first payment and the selected payment date.


App activation

Activation procedure for the new bank app

To use the application, it is necessary to have activated the Internet bankingTB service from Tatra banka and internet access.

For the first activation you will also need the Card and ReaderTB. For other signups, just enter the 4-digit PIN you create when you activate or use Fingerprint / Touch ID / Face ID. You also need to activate the app if you downloaded it and installed it on your new device.

Simplify your payments even more – download the ReaderTB application onto your smartphone and activate it via DIALOG Live.


Basic security rules thanks to which your finances are always safe also in your mobile

  • Do not disclose your confidential information. Do not tell to anyone your login data in the Internet bankingTB service or Tatra banka application – always maintain your PID, password, PIN code for the application or payment card confidential.
  • Do not use simple passwords. When creating PIN codes, avoid simple sequences of numbers (for example 1234 or 0000). Do not use the same password for your mobile banking that you use, for example, for your mobile phone.
  • Do not allow anyone to sign in to your mobile device with biometric data.
  • The Tatra banka application uses all the biometric data stored in the given mobile device for fingerprint registration / Face ID. If a third party has access to your device using biometrics, it is necessary to remove its biometric data from your device or not to enable biometric data on your mobile device.
  • Do not respond to email requests to change the password for the mobile or internet banking. The bank never asks for a change in your password via e-mail or over the phone.
  • Always log out from the secured app zone.
  • Use only a connection via secured Wi-Fi networks or via data services provided by mobile operators.
  • Deactivate the Tatra banka app if you do not use the device any longer or lose it. You can do so via Internet BankingTB or DIALOG Live contact cente.
  • Keep your smartphone safe. Install antivirus and anti-spyware program, regularly update your operating system and the Tatra banka applications and set an automated locking of your smartphone. Do not use mobile banking on any device on which “jail-break”/”root” has been installed.
  • Download and install only applications from an official shop with applications where the Tatra banka applications are also available (Google Play, App Store, App World).

Increase security of your funds in the Tatra banka app

  • Set the limits on payment cards according to your needs. If your limit is too high, decrease it. If you do not use the card for internet purchases, set the internet limit to €0.
  • Allow only the needed continents. If you travel exclusively within Europe, deactivate the option of using the payment card on the other continents.
  • Minimize the risk of the card skimming by using ATM withdrawals via mobile phone.
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Download the app and start to use its benefits today:

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