Companies and Sustainability

A Guide to ESG Principles

The social value of companies is also determined by how they interact with the environment in which they operate. Sustainability goes beyond merely meeting legal and regulatory requirements; it should be an integral part of a company’s core values. Companies and their activities have a profound impact on both the environment and society at large.

Without active participation from companies, achieving sustainability in the economy and transitioning from a linear to a circular economy becomes nearly impossible. As a bank, we recognize our significant role in helping clients reach their sustainability objectives. This can be accomplished through financing sustainable investments or by providing them with timely and relevant information crucial for shaping their ESG strategies.

Explore our comprehensive Guide to ESG Principles, covering essential knowledge that companies should possess before embarking on the journey towards a carbon-neutral economy.


Danka Daubnerová

ESG principles are reshaping not just everyday life but also the landscape of business as we’ve known it. Adapting to this new paradigm is crucial for ensuring a company’s financial success in the future. This is why extending our support and guidance to our corporate clients in the area of ESG is an integral part of our services.

Danka Daubnerová, ESG Senior Product Manager for Corporate Clients

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