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Tatra banka

22.6.2018 11:23

Frequently asked questions

No, Tatra banka only offers the investment gold purchase to its private clients.

In the private banking premises at Gorkého street in Bratislava.

The bank will only repurchase the physical investment gold from a private client, if the investment gold acquired by the client from the bank is be stored in the client's safe-deposit box in the bank at the same location where it was delivered for the whole period since its takeover.

The client chooses the bar size; one gram of investment gold is more expensive in case of small bars than bigger bars.

We offer gold bars with the weight of 1 g, 2 g, 5 g, 10 g, 20 g, 50 g, 100 g, 250 g, 500 g, and 1,000 g.

The client will pay the purchase price; no fee is charged for the transaction making.

The investment gold repurchase price is determined according to the market price.

A private client informs the private banker about their intention to purchase investment gold and states the type of gold and transaction scope they are interested in. The private banker informs the private client about the gold purchase price; if the client agrees with the stated purchase price, the private banker will make a deal with the client and they will sign the respective contractual documentation.

The bank delivers the client's physical investment gold within 30 days of the transaction making and the private client takes over the physical investment gold in the private banking premises at Gorkého street in Bratislava. Upon the takeover the private client receives a written confirmation of the investment gold purchase.

Tatra banka purchases the investment gold from Raiffeisen Bank International AG. Clients can ask the private banker for investment gold prices.

The client can sell investment gold to any entity who pursues this business.

After the sale of the investment gold takes place, the client will receive the money on the financial settlement date, i.e. two business days after the sale.

Tatra banka sells investment gold mainly to private clients for a purchase price agreed between the bank and the client.

If the private client wants to sell the investment gold stored in the bank, the private banker will offer them the price for which the bank will repurchase the investment gold. After accepting the price by the client the private banker will make a contractual documentation with the client, the client will then hand-over the physical investment gold being sold to the bank and the bank will confirm its acceptance. After the financial settlement, the client will receive a written confirmation about the investment gold sale to the bank issued by the private banker.

The investment gold purity is minted on each gold bar or coin.

No, the gold is only delivered to the private banking premises at Gorkého street in Bratislava.

Yes. For more information ask your private banker.

The client can take additional insurance, if the amount of the kept investment gold exceeds the insurance limit included in the charge for a safe-deposit box rent. The client makes their own decisions regarding the security of their assets.

The charge for a safe-deposit box rent is charged according to the valid service charges for private clients.

The gold does not have to remain in Tatra banka premises. The client can take the gold home. However, in such case the bank does not ensure the investment gold repurchase.

The client can sell the investment gold purchased from Tatra banka to another entity.

On the website of the Vienna mint Münze Österreich

It is up to the client to decide how the purchased investment gold will be used.

The troy ounce of gold equals 31.103 g.

No, as the gold bars have their weight, the logo Münze Österreich, their purity, logo of an expert and producer Argor Heraeus SA, and the unique number minted.