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Protect your funds

Pay increased attention to protection of your sensitive data:

  • With ATM cash withdrawal
  • With e-mail communication
  • With telephone conversations


Phishing is a fraudulent e-mail used by an unknown attacker attempts to elicit sensitive data from the e-mail recipient to log into Internet bankingTB.

If you receive such an e-mail, please forward it to [email protected].

A fraudulent e-mail looks as if it was sent by Tatra banka but it can contain certain suspicious elements.

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The website looks like the original Tatra banka website, therefore:

we recommend that you do not click on the Internet bankingTB page via Google or another type of search engine, or never click on the Internet bankingTB links from the received e-mail.

Log in to Internet bankingTB exclusively:

The fraudulent site is often located on a domain that is very similar to the original domain. Examples of fraudulent domains:


Always check the address bar of the browser, where only the address moja.tatrabanka.sk must be written and the lock displayed as a security symbol.

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How to proceed in case of phishing threat

We recommend our clients to be more cautious. Do not respond to fraudulent e-mails under any circumstances, do not click on links or open attachments they contain.

How to proceed in case of phishing threat

In case you have already filled in the data in a fraudulent e-mail we recommend you to immediately contact the bank by means of DIALOG Live *1100.

What is skimming?

Skimming of payment cards is a type of fraud which the offenders attempt to get data from a payment card and a PIN code. Afterwards they create a card duplicate and use it mostly for ATM cash withdrawals abroad.

Offenders usually obtain payment card data by installing special devices especially on ATMs.

Fraudulent ATM example

  • Hidden payment card magnetic strip reader
  • Hidden camera or false keyboard recording PIN

Recording payment card data

Recording payment card data during the execution of a payment with a vendor or in a restaurant is an alternative of skimming on ATMs. Such data (without using PIN) serve for online shopping.

Fraudulent ATM example

Recording payment card data

Tatra banka recommendations


When introducing modern technologies we do our best to keep your money protected. To increase the security of access to money via payment cards, we have introduced several measures applying to login to cards, ATMs or Internet bankingTB.

  • Chip & PIN Technology
    Chip & PIN represents a safer form of payment and was developed to protect card holders as well as participants in the payment chain. The basic difference is in the so-called smart chip, which provides a more advanced form of preserving information than the magnetic stripe.
  • Transaction Monitoring
    We are constantly monitoring your card transactions, protecting you at the same time. You might get a phone call from a bank specialist who will verify some of your card payments in order to protect your money.
  • Safer ATMs
    Thanks to our mechanical barriers, the Tatra banka ATMs are safer. The innovations include controlled movement of the card during inserting and ejecting, preventing the reading of the payment card magnetic stripe data by any unauthorized device.
  • The Card and ReaderTB
    The Card and ReaderTB is a unique tool intended for safer login and when confirming payments in Internet bankingTB. It consists of a normal payment card with a chip and the chip payment card reader. If you are interested in a smaller reader device, you can ask for the mini-reader. It is used in Internet bankingTB the same way as the standard reader device. The mini-reader costs 8 EUR.

    Cardholders can check transactions made with their payment cards continuously via:
    • Internet bankingTB - an overview of the transactions and current balance on the account
    • B-mail - on every transaction via text message to your mobile phone or e-mail to your mailbox
    • Contact centre DIALOG Live – 24-hour information and proactive service

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