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Welcome to the world's best digital bank in 2020

Do not hesitate and join the Slovak bank, which sets the world trends.

As a member of Raiffeisen Bank International, Tatra banka offers banking services not only to domestic but also to foreign clients. It regularly brings new features that improves clients' lives, as evidenced by more than 130 awards from reputable announcers.

Top 5 innovations brought by Tatra banka first in recent years:

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Tatra banka - most innovative bank in Slovakia


We understand you

Tatra banka offers:

  • call center DIALOG Live - customer service 24/7 in Slovak and English language.
    The call center communicates in the Slovak language and during the working days from 8:00 to 16:00 in English as well.
  • documents and contracts - most of our documents and contracts are provided in Slovak and English.
  • branches - you can book an appointment for specific date with English-speaking staff at the branch. At selected branches also in Hungarian.
  • email communication - write us at or in Slovak or English language.
  • Tatra banka mobile app a and Internet bankingTB - our application are available in Slovak and English language.

Live without limits

Keep track of your finances whenever you need it. With Tatra PersonalTB current account you will get, among other benefits, also:

  • instant card - debit card, which you get immediately when opening the account, can be used straight away
  • the most award-winning banking application and internet banking in Slovakia, thanks to which you always have a bank within your reach and don't need to visit a branch
  • unlimited number of cash deposits and withdrawals in foreign currency at Tatra banka branches
  • unlimited withdrawals from Tatra banka ATMs and withdrawals abroad from ATMs of Raiffeisen Bank International AG

To obtain a current account, you will need an identity document, permanent residence document and a document containing a Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Travel comfortably

Enjoy freedom without restrictions. Year-round travel insurance* as well as credit cards from Tatra banka are valid worldwide. In addition, credit cards offer benefits such as access to airport lounges, a doctor on the phone or discounts at selected merchants. Whether you need MasterCard or prefer VISA card, we have an offer for you.

*Travel insurance is valid for an unlimited number of foreign trips starting and ending in the Slovak Republic. It does not apply to events caused in the Slovak Republic or in your country of residence/country where you pay health insurance.

Let us help you out with finances

New fridge or straight kitchen renovation? With an optional overdraft or a consumer loan, you can meet your goals immediately and without documenting the purpose.

Use the loan calculator to check your monthly repayments for your desired sum.

*In order to grant a loan it is necessary to have a permanent residence in Slovakia

Always be safe

Client security is paramount for us. In addition to the unique security tool Reader (ČítačkaTB) in mobile, we are constantly working on new methods to protect client money. Try mobile ATM withdrawals, mobile payments or a one-time payment card number for online payments with the MobilePayTB app. It's simple and safe.

Investing and saving

Do you know how to manage your personal finances in the most effective way? At Tatra banka we offer:

  • wide range of investment options
  • interesting appreciation of your money
  • presence in global financial markets
  • possibility to invest or gradually save

Find out why to invest. All you need is internet banking.

Mobile application

Innovations are in our DNA. We believe that with our applications we bring you affordable services and a simpler life.

  • Tatra banka mobile app - enjoy the benefits of the most award-winning mobile banking in Central Europe. You have your bank wherever you are in your mobile and you don't have to go to a branch.
  • ČítačkaTB (Reader) - the application generates codes for logging in and confirming payments in the Internet bankingTB service on your computer and also for activating Tatra banka mobile applications.
  • MobilePayTB - pay securely with your smartphone in stores and on the Internet by generating a unique card number. At the same time, you have all your cards in one place.
  • Tatra banka VIAMO - send money to my friends via phone number.
  • Apple Pay - pay with your iPhone, Apple Watch and other Apple devices contactlessly.
  • Google Pay - pay with your NFC Android smartphone contactless or at thousands of online merchants.

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