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ČítačkaTB (ReaderTB)

Download the ČítačkaTB mobile application and leave the classic reader at home.

Internet Banking login authorization with the Citacka app

Authorization directly with your mobile phone

Citacka scans QR codes for a fast confirmation of a payment order

Payment confirmation by QR code

Two-factor authentication substantially increases e-banking security

High security

Basic information 

You no longer need to carry a classic Card and reader with you. All you need is your mobile phone. Download and try the ČítačkaTB app.

  • ČítačkaTB application generates codes for logging in and confirming payments in the Internet bankingTB on your computer or in the Tatra banka application, as well as to activate Tatra banka mobile applications.
  • Simultaneously, it simplifies the authorization of payments in Internet bankingTB by scanning the QR code into ČítačkaTB application without having to overwrite the accounts and the amount. Just review your payment information and confirm the payment with the generated code.
  • If you have Tatra banka app and ČítačkaTB installed on one device, you can use automatic code transfer.
Tip for you

Are you bothered by automatically logging out of the app after minimizing it?
You can set Run in the background in the app's Settings, and the app will only log you out after 2 minutes of inactivity, even if you minimize it.


ČítačkaTB activation

  • Directly in the application - using facial biometrics. For activation, you need a PID - personal identification number, a valid Slovak ID card, an SMS code sent during activation to your profile phone number, and a scan of your face.
  • In person at the branch
  • By phone via DIALOG Live

During activation, the Reader prompts the user to set a login password, the expiration time of which depends on its complexity, and to set a fingerprint for more convenient login.

The Reader requires an internet connection to activate and update. Subsequently, it can also be used offline.

Supported operating system versions

  • iOS from version 14.0
  • Android from version 6.0
  • Huawei HMS



In the new version 3.0 of Čítačka app you can find:

  • A new, simpler way to activate the application - using facial biometrics
  • Fingerprint login option
  • Improved design and more intuitive control
  • New application icon
  • With a new installation, the default logout from the application after 2 minutes

Updating to the new version requires a one-time PID entry and an internet connection.

The new version of the app is available for devices with Android 6 and above and iOS 14 and above.

Frequently asked questions

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Download the app and start to use its benefits today:

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