Download the ČítačkaTB mobile application and leave the classic reader at home. 

Internet Banking login authorization with the Citacka app

Authorization directly with your mobile phone

Citacka also optimized for a desktop with Windows 10 OS

Also optimized for a desktop with Windows 10 OS

Citacka scans QR codes for a fast confirmation of a payment order

Payment confirmation by QR code

Two-factor authentication substantially increases e-banking security

High security

Basic information

You no longer have to carry a standard card and reader with you. You only need your mobile phone. Download the ČítačkaTB app and enter payments simply and fast.

  • ČítačkaTB generates codes for login and payment confirmation in Internet BankingTB on your PC and also activates Tatra banka’s mobile apps.
  • It also supports additional payment authorization functionality via Internet BankingTB by scanning the QR code in the ČítačkaTB app, without the need to enter the account number and amount. Just check the payment details and confirm the payment by a generated code.

ČítačkaTB activation

  • via Internet BankingTB  
  • by phone via DIALOG Live
  • at any Tatra banka branch
Activation of the Citacka mobile app Aplikácia Čítačka od Tatra banky
Activation of Citacka mobile app
Tip for you

ČítačkaTB is an application which is able to work offline -  you do not need to use the internet, voice or data services after downloading the application. Internet connection is needed only for downloading the application from the store.

Supported versions of operating systems

  • iOS version 4.0 and later
  • Android version 2.1 and later
  • BlackBerry OS as ČítačkaTB classic and BlackBerry 10 as ČítačkaTB
  • Windows Phone version 7.1 and later and Windows 10
  • when using the app in standard mobile phones, you must download and install the files ČítačkaTB[.jad] and ČítačkaTB[.jar]

Frequently asked questions

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Download the app and start to use its benefits today:


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