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Tatra banka

20.6.2018 13:50

PrivateExclusive FundTB

Adaptive strategy of the fund adjusts itself to the current development
on financial markets. It is not only statically exposed to the same
investments but constantly rearranges itself to those asset classes
which are strongest at the respective moment.

The main aim of the PrivateExclusive FundTB strategy is to reach
an attractive yield/risk ratio. Protection of investments against
significant long-term declines belongs to the strongest
elements of this strategy.

Do not know when to buy shares and when to sell them? How many
commodities is it sensible to keep in your investment portfolio?
Is it profitable to buy American dollar? There is no need to worry.
As for the investment, we will help you arrange everything.

We will choose the strongest asset classes, schedule their purchase
and sale, and equally place them in the fund portfolio. We invest only
by means of highly liquid investment tools. PrivateExclusive FundTB
offers interesting valorisation with the maximum
continuous decline of 5% from the newly invested sources.

This solution appears to be a little miracle in today´s world of low interest rates.

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