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Tatra banka

22.6.2018 11:26

Private rent TB

Life guaranteed rent

If you want to maintain appropriate quality of life yet in retirement, you will not do
without financial preparation. These few questions will help you get a picture
about your financial situation in retirement age:

  • Will the current pension system cover my living costs?
  • Will I have enough personal savings for provision of the required standard?
  • Until what time will my savings be sufficient for my needs?
  • How long shall I live?
  • Will I not spend my savings too early?

It is important to have financially covered the entire retirement age. We are often able to provide the required standard of living ourselves in first years of retirement. But as the time goes it is getting more and more difficult and even impossible later. These are the years that are most sensitive for sufficient financial coverage.

Key parameter for setting the financial security is life expectancy. There is always a risk that we will run short of financial means in retirement for several reasons, either it is unfavourable development on financial markets, which devaluates capital, or we simply live up to a higher age than we had expected upon our calculation. The first risk can be limited by selecting an appropriate method of capital assessment and protection. The second risk is much serious. Average life expectancy of the entire population gradually increases over the years and we can not exclude a possibility that we live up to a higher age than the average. The risk of premature depletion of saving is fully limited by our new payout product with life rent.

Private rentTB is a payout product with rent paid out for life in a determined amount without the risk of depletion of savings. Such security is possible on basis of the insurance product. The insurer covenants in the contract to pay out the arranged rent to clients, and that for life. It is possible to select in the product also the guaranteed payout period. This ensures that in case a client dies the rent will continue to be paid out to specified persons. Deposited money will thus be utilised more effectively. The paid rent is twice as high as after termination during the guaranteed period.

Private rentTB can be utilised not only for yourself but also for instance for your parents. With Private rentTB you can increase their monthly rent and thereby also life standard. The rent which is paid out also allows to provide financing of the above-standard care in senior homes or in similar nursing service.