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Tatra banka

26.5.2018 10:10

Wealth managementTB

We are pleased to introduce the Tatra Banka Private banking service of investment consultancy
and extended care for the individual administration and management of our clients' personal financial
assets with the objective to protect your wealth and refine it in the most efficient way.

Approach to management

In addition to the current prospects of individual financial markets, the approach to the management of your financial assets
particularly allows for your current financial position, your individual preferences, personal and risk profile. At the same
time it also focuses on your anticipated cash-flow, which has a significant impact even on the current setting and
structure of individual investment strategies. The desired outcome should include the target performance, the financing
of your current and future priorities, and individual or family objectives and aspirations.

Separate portfolio strategy

In order to fulfill your investment objective efficiently your financial assets need to be segmented, and the segments managed differentially and individually in terms of the objectives they should finance in future. Wealth managementTB brings the concept of several active portfolios. Among advantages are better transparency and management efficiency, taking into consideration the various timeframes of individual objectives that they should finance in the future.

Your individual preferences

The option to implement your individual investment preferences represents a significant aspect of the individualised approach to your financial assets management. On one hand your preferences can reflect the personal trust of the investor in their own abilities to realise the investment decisions on the basis of considerable experience with financial markets. On the other hand, there is a substantial group of investors who prefer tailored solutions with a clear and predefined active investment strategy that enables easy access to various markets.

Continuity and progress

The continuity of financial assets management enables to actively change the major parameters of your current investment portfolios according to changes and developments on the financial markets, your changing preferences, and circumstances in your personal and professional life.