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Tatra banka

22.6.2018 17:25

Term deposits - i:deposit

Valorise your funds with certainty.

  • safe valorisation with a higher interest rate than a current account
  • guaranteed interest rate
  • account opening free of charge also via Internet BankingTB
  • deposit with protection under the Deposit Protection Act




Use the option to open a term account at any time and gain:

  • higher valorisation of available funds
  • guaranteed interest rate during the deposit tying period
  • the option to choose the interest fixation period and payment method
  • the option of term deposit automatic renewal
  • the option to make subsidiary deposits
  • overview of deposits by way of statements
  • the option of quick term account opening also via Internet BankingTB
  • as a bonus the advantages of the Reward ProgramTB


Open an account that suits your needs. Choose:

Period during which the rate is guaranteed: 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months
Account currency:
Interest payment method:
  • by crediting to a current account maintained with Tatra banka
  • or by crediting to your deposit on the term account
One-off deposit:
  • for the agreed tying period with automatic termination and transfer of interest, or
  • comfortable automatic deposit renewal upon its maturity
Authorised persons: with access to your account


You can open a term deposit at any branch or via Internet BankingTB.

Interest accrued on the first deposit.

How to deposit funds to a term account?

  • in cash at any Tatra banka branch
  • by transfer via Internet BankingTB
  • by transfer from a personal account maintained with any bank 


The interest depends on the deposit amount and tying period.

  • each deposit to the account shall bear interest separately in the interest rate applicable on the deposit date and determined according to the contractual terms; this interest rate shall not be modified during the contract period
  • the interest rate applicable to each deposit depends on the deposit amount and time to maturity of the basic deposit

Interest on maturity date:

  • will be transferred to an account with Tatra banka
  • or credited to your deposit on a term account

Interest rate guarantee:

  • begins on the date when the money is deposited, and ends on the date agreed with the bank
  • during this period you are free to deposit further amounts to the account without extending the account maturity


Open i:deposit supplementary service quickly and easily via your Internet BankingTB.

For whom is i:deposit intended?

  • the service is intended for Tatra banka clients who use Internet BankingTB and wish to better valorise their savings

 What is i:deposit?

  • it is a supplementary service in the form of a deposit with agreed tying period (1, 3, 6, 12, 24, and 36 months) which may be activated via Internet Banking
  • pursuant to Article 3(1) of Act No. 118/1996 Coll. on Deposit Protection, as amended, i:deposit is considered as a deposit
  • i:deposit bears interest rate
  • published on depending on the deposit amount and tying period
  • i:deposit can be opened with or without renewal
  • principal can be increased on other than the date of renewal

by way of subsidiary deposits

  • subsidiary deposits bear a separate interest rate, which represents the lower of the interest rates applicable for the two closest standard tying periods of i:deposit before and after the tying period of the subsidiary deposit
  • money can be transferred to i:deposit via Internet BankingTB or at a bank's branch
  • if the client requests i:deposit cancellation on a business day by 17.00 hrs, the funds from this i:deposit will be remitted to the target account on the same day, otherwise the i:deposit will be cancelled on the following business day

3 steps to open i:deposit via your Internet BankingTB:

  1. Login to your Internet BankingTB.
  2. Click on the "Term accounts" bookmark and then on "Create i:deposit".
  3. Choose the term account parameters and confirm - the funds will be transferred automatically.

You can view the settings and the accrued interest amount anytime in your Internet BankingTB.