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Tatra BusinessTB Premium

Open the Tatra BusinessTB Premium account online and get a 100 % discount on the fee for managing it for up to 12 months.
If you are a one-person LLC, just choose Digital Business accountTB (Digitálny Podnikateľský účetTB) from the menu of accounts in the Tatra banka mobile application.

A current account for entrepreneurs free of any charge for automated transactions

Unlimited number of automated transactions

Visa Electron and MasterCard payment cards for the business account free of charge

Unlimited number of Visa debit cards

Discount for start-up entrepreneurs

100 % discount for starting entrepreneurs and companies for up to 12 months

Discount when opening an account online

100 % discount for one person LLC when opening an account online for 12 months

Details - content of the account package

Do you have high requirements regarding your business account?

Open a super-standard business account with the Tatra BusinessTB Premium service package, which automatically gives you the following benefits:

  • unlimited amount of automated transactions,
  • any number of Visa debit cards,
  • unlimited number of withdrawals from the ATM of Tatra banka in SR and ATMs of the Raiffeisen Bank International AG group,
  • e-mail and push notifications about movements on your business account at any interval,
  • unlimited payments via Internet bankingTB in CZK for the benefit of Raiffeisenbank Česká republika clients,
  • an option to conclude favorable travel insurance for worldwide travels.

Of course, you get all these services without additional fees

View the details of your Tatra Business Premium account

Important: An account with the Tatra BusinessTB Premium service package is an ideal account for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, which the bank evaluates on the basis of the economic criteria determined by the bank, especially for clients with an annual turnover of up to 5 million EUR, or with a credit exposure of up to 1.5 million EUR.

The price of a business account

The monthly maintenance fee for an above-standard business account with the Tatra BusinessTB Premium service package is 19 EUR.

If you wish, you may of course choose your own service package to the business account according to your own ideas and needs.

How to get Tatra BusinessTB Premium

You can get the above-standard business account with the Tatra BusinessTB Premium service package easily at any Tatra banka branch.

You must only submit:

  • valid ID cards of the persons present and authorized to act on behalf of the company,
  • other documents according to the legal form in which you do business.

If you are a limited liability company that has a single and at the same time the same director and owner (so-called one-person LLC), you can open an account simply through the Tatra banka mobile application.  

Requested documents according to legal form

All the documents requested by the bank must be submitted in their original form or as a copy authenticated by notary. If the given document is in other than Slovak/English language, its official translation also needs to be submitted.

We accept a document proving business issued in electronic form with an electronic signature in the format PAdES (.pdf), ASiC-E (.asice, .sce), ASiC-S (.asics, .scs), .zep or .xzep. 

--- WJdocId-32466 ---
--- WJdocId-32467 ---
--- WJdocId-32468 ---
--- WJdocId-32469 ---
--- WJdocId-32470 ---
--- WJdocId-32471 ---
--- WJdocId-32472 ---
--- WJdocId-32473 ---
--- WJdocId-32474 ---
--- WJdocId-32475 ---
--- WJdocId-32476 ---

For other legal forms, please contact DIALOG Live or visit any Tatra banka branch.
Apart from these documents the bank is entitled to request also additional documents.
Note: The Bank does not accept "Extract from the Register of Legal Entities" as a document.

Business account transfer

Transfer your account and enjoy the unlimited.

  • Transferring your account to Tatra banka will be quick and easy
  • We'll arrange everything for you
  • One visit to any Tatra banka branch is sufficient

Leave your phone number and we will contact you.

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