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Strategic advice

Seeking a helping hand to make changes in your company? Facing new challenges? Our strategic advice will help you increase the performance and effectiveness of your company.

  • We will help you build and apply functional structures.

  • Our solution is always based on a thorough knowledge of your company in the context of the entire market.

  • We respect your requirements and find new opportunities offered by the market.

  • We will guide you when making strategic decisions.

Product details

We will analyse and set up your business strategy to increase efficiency in the following areas:

Support of strategic and investment decision making

  • Independent company analysis

  • Optimising and restructuring a company’s capital use (financial capital, working capital)

  • Optimising financial activity

  • Managing budget cost items

  • Simplifying company structure

  • Preparing post-integration plans

  • Business revitalisation

  • Classified loans and analyses

  • Optimal conclusion of activities

Structuring of transactions

We will help you optimise your business management, set up an investment strategy, and use capital efficiently. We will design a suitable transaction structure and set up the individual steps, including a timetable. An important part is the subsequent project management and coordination of other projects.

Start-up advice

We will help you start new projects. We will prepare a feasible business plan and ensure optimal financing. We will find suitable strategic or financial partners for your project.

Commercial review (due diligence)

We will analyse important market segments in the context of your company’s financial business plan, and advise you on what to look for in the future. In the case of an acquisition, we will ensure the due diligence of an acquired company. We will highlight any risks, evaluate the target company, and provide you with valuable inputs for preparing a sales contract.

Preparation of a tailored business plan

We will prepare a business plan for your business goal, suitable for investors and banking institutions.

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