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Investment financing

Fulfill your business dreams and plans right now. Advance with an investment loan customized for you.

A loan for an investment plan with an individual assessment

Individual reviewing of loan request

Flexible drawing and setting of investment loan instalments

Flexible drawing and loan repayment with an ability to postpone the instalment

As a refinancing loan to refinance your existing investments

Ability to refinance previously realized investments

Securing an investment loan without the need of a promissory note

No need to provide a corporate or your personal bill of exchange


Do your business ambitions exceed your financial resources? An investment loan from Tatra banka will help you continually advance on the market and keep ahead of your competition.

It will allow you to finance the purchase of tangible or intangible assets, construction or also refinance your previous investments.

Investment financing parameters:

  • investment loan amount from 70 000 EUR,
  • loan term depends on the payback period of the investment, or is set individually,
  • one-time or gradual drawing of an investment loan,
  • regular or irregular loan repayments according to your circumstances.

An investment loan – required documents

For a successful disbursement of investment financing, we need you to submit the following documents:

  • financial statements for the two preceding completed accounting periods,
  • current financial statements,
  • tax returns for the two preceding completed accounting periods,
  • a completed questionnaire on interim statements,
  • security documents.


To secure your investment loan, you can use:

  • the object of the financing,
  • immovable assets (e.g. operating premises, houses, flats),
  • movable assets (machines and equipment, technologies),
  • a bank guarantee from an acceptable bank,
  • securities,
  • cash in a term account of your company or guarantor – natural person or legal entity.
Secure your investment financing with Tatra banka

How to get financing

Investment financing can be disbursed once:

  • an acceptable financial situation has been ascertained through a financial analysis of your company,
  • and all other defined conditions concerning the security have been fulfilled.

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