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We shift the boundaries of communication. Ask us. Anytime.

So far, our operators have been happy to answer your questions through DIALOG Live or Tatra Chat.
Now they are joined by chatbot AdamTB, the first virtual banker in Slovakia.

You can communicate with him via chat on our website and at the Tatra banka application.

He speaks Slovak language and his mission is to provide you information about Tatra banka’s products and also to help solve your requests. Adam can also display a map with the nearest or selected branch/ATM for you, as well as provide an exchange rate list along with a currency calculator.

After verification in the mobile application he can activate or block your payment card and also change your payment limits and allowed continents settings. Adam is also able to help you update your new ID card in our systems, show you your card PIN, set up credit card notifications and view/edit the delivery address for a new payment card. Most recently he learned to unblock your temporarily blocked card, update your contact phone number, manage the automatic repayment of your credit card and he can also help you with the opening of Investment savings.

The advantage of a virtual banker is that you can write to him at any time, always ready to answer. Constant availability, readiness, and never-ending process of learning  make Adam clearly the innovation that change your world.


  • reacts immediately,
  • communicates in the Slovak language and with several people at the same time,
  • can currently answer general questions about banking products and services,
  • can also display the nearest or selected branch/ATM as well as the exchange rate list,
  • is able to activate, block and unblock the payment card, change your payment limit settings,
  • helps with the update of the new ID card or new phone number, shows and adjusts the delivery address of the new card,
  • displays the PIN code of the payment card, helps to set up credit card notifications,
  • helps you manage your automatic credit card payment,
  • you can open your Investment savings with him,
  • if he does not know the answer to the question, he will connect you to an operator who will be happy to assist you with your request.

How can AdamTB understand what you ask and send you the right answer?

He uses the principles of Machine learning, a part of computer science that uses mathematical-statistical methods to identify structures and learn models from data. One area of Machine Learning is the processing and understanding of the written expression of natural language. AdamTB is a form of artificial intelligence that seeks to understand your question and provides you with a relevant answer based on predefined decision logic.


Meet Adam. What is he like?

Our virtual banker is decent, helpful and has a healthy dose of self-confidence. It communicates comprehensibly, quickly, offers clear possibilities. An essential feature of AdamTB is decisiveness - if she knows, the answer to your question, if not, will resolve the situation immediately by linking to a person.

AdamTB responds in a way that everyone understands, not using complex banking terms.

He has all his knowledge from his more experienced, human colleagues, who are constantly continuing his “education”. But it also gains new knowledge through your questions. Therefore, each of you can contribute to his daily improvement and deepening of his knowledge.

AdamTB is friendly and sometimes answers more personal questions. However, he will be glad if the topic always returns to its mission - to inform and help Tatra banka clients.

The first virtual banking assistant was designed by Martin Pyšný. Read our interview (in Slovak) about how Adam was born.

AdamTB has the same values as Tatra banka:

  • he is exact, because he wants to respond as good as possible and he never stops learning,
  • he is creative, offering more answers and information every day,
  • he is affiliate, has respect for clients and likes to chat with them,
  • he is courageous, ready to move forward and communicate with everyone who needs him.

Frequently asked questions

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