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Factoring and receivables financing

Get money from your customers before your receivables are due.
Factoring is a simple method of financing short-term trade receivables before they are due.  

An advance payment on unpaid invoices in your account within 48 hours

Fast access to funds

Insurance of receivables to address the risk of non-payment

Option to address the risk of unpaid invoices

Lending against receivables and a comprehensive receivables management

Care for your trade receivables

Receivables are the only security in factoring

Receivables are mostly the only form of security

Details of factoring

Why you should choose factoring for your business? Factoring offers many benefits.

It adjusts to your business

  • the financing limit in factoring is usually higher than with a standard overdraft facility
  • the amount of the funds disbursed depends on your sales and it also increases along with your sales
  • factoring is not a loan and, as such, it does not increase your credit exposure
  • we do not examine the purpose of the use of funds disbursed

Keep your funds under control

  • factoring ensures easy planning, manages regular cash flows in your company and improves liquidity
  • you can engage in your own business and leave receivables management to us, thus reducing the risk of unpaid invoices
  • we take care of the insurance of your receivables – we will insure both domestic and foreign receivables for you

You will surpass your competitors

  • you can get discounts from your suppliers for fast settlement of your payables
  • you can grant longer maturity periods to your customers and at the same time instantly acquire funds that you can subsequently use for further business

Choose one of the following forms of receivables financing:

Non-recourse factoring

  • purchase of your receivables, by which we provide security against the customer’s insolvency or unwillingness to pay your invoices by assuming the associated risk

Recourse factoring

  • purchase of your receivables with recourse to your company, under which you guarantee due settlement of the receivables by your customers


  • purchase of receivables with a maturity period of more than 1 year

Did you know...?

Receivables management with factoring

With us, you entrust the financing of your receivables into the hands of true professionals.

Receivables with an amount of 373 million EUR were financed under the factoring by Tatra bank, a.s. in 2016. Most of the receivables financed were receivables from domestic customers totaling 270 million EUR. The majority of the total turnover was represented by recourse factoring constituting 72 %, with the remaining 28 % comprising of non-recourse factoring.

Factoring qualification conditions

Factoring from Tatra banka is a convenient financial service for your business, if:

  • you sell with an extended maturity of more than 14 days,
  • you use you use cross-border payment orders as a payment term,
  • you submit trade receivables from your customers acceptable to us of at least 300 000 EUR a year to Tatra banka for financing.

To prepare a specific factoring offer, we need you to provide the following documents:

1. A completed factoring application

2. Financial statements for two previous ended accounting periods (if not published in the financial statements register) and for the last ended quarter.

If you apply double-entry bookkeeping please submit:

  • a balance sheet,
  • income statement.

If you apply single-entry bookkeeping please submit:

  • statement of assets and liabilities,
  • statement of income and expenses.

3. A completed questionnaire to the financial statements for the last ended quarter

4. A copy of the contract with the customer (or a copy of the relevant order)

5. If available, the existing insurance contract – a copy of the insurance contract and copies of the approved insurance limits per customer in the event of your own insurance of receivables.

Then you just have to answer a couple of additional questions and we will customize factoring for you.

Leave us your telephone number and we will contact you.

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