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Self employed accountTB

Open a new business account for entrepreneurs and freelancers through the Tatra banka application and you will receive a 100 % discount on the fee for managing it for up to 12 months.

Opening and accessing the account 24/7 via the Tatra banka mobile application

Opening and accessing the account 24/7 via the Tatra banka mobile application

Cash deposit through Tatra banka ATMs free of charge

Cash deposit through Tatra banka ATMs free of charge

Unlimited number of automated transactions

Unlimited number of automated transactions

Simple connection with other applications or e-shop via Premium APITB

Simple connection with other applications or e-shop via Premium APITB

Thanks to the Self employed accountTB you can get:

  • unlimited quantity automated transactions,
  • e-mail and push notifications about movements on your business account at any interval,
  • an unlimited number of withdrawals from Tatra banka ATMs in Slovakia and abroad from ATMs of the Raiffeisen Bank International AG group,
  • unlimited payments via Internet bankingTB in CZK for the benefit of Raiffeisenbank Česká republika clients,
  • issuing one new company credit card for the first 6 months free of charge,
  • a debit card with the benefits of the Visa Benefit program,
  • the possibility to take out advantageous travel insurance for the entire world.

For a full package of benefits, check out the Business solutions package, which also includes invoicing software, marketing support and websites.

See the benefits of the Self employed account

Account price

The monthly fee for maintaining a Self employed accountTB is 0 EUR*.

*For the first 12 months, you can manage it for free without conditions, after that you only need a cashless credit turnover of at least 500 EUR per month, otherwise the price is 7 EUR per month.

Of course, if you are interested, you can choose a service package for a business account according to your own ideas and needs.

How to get it

You can get a Self employed accountTB easily via the Tatra banka mobile application or at any Tatra banka branch.
It is enough if you submit to us:

  • valid identification document of persons present who are authorized to act,
  • another document according to the legal form in which you do business.


Necessary documents according to the legal form

All documents required by the bank must be submitted as originals or notarized copies.

--- WJdocId-37166 ---
--- WJdocId-37167 ---

For other legal forms contact DIALOG Live or visit any of Tatra banka's branches.
In addition to the above documents, the Bank has the right to request additional documents.
Note: The Bank does not accept "Extract from the Register of Legal Entities" as a document.

Where to apply for the Self employed accountTB

Mobile application

Open an account without visiting a branch.
The whole process will take you a few minutes.

Tatra banka mobile application

After opening Self employed accountTB in the Tatra banka mobile application, send us a proof of business to: [email protected]


Arrange a personal meeting
in the branch of your choice.

List of branches

Tatra banka branches

Business account transfer

Transfer your business account and enjoy the unlimited.

  • Transferring your account to Tatra banka will be quick and easy
  • We'll arrange everything for you
  • One visit to any Tatra banka branch is sufficient

Why a self employed account is better than a personal account in business

  • With a trade account, you have separate business money from private money. As a result, there is no increase in the price of bookkeeping and other complications in bookkeeping (for example, you avoid mistakes in distinguishing between personal and business income or expenses).
  • When using a trade account, you are registered as an entrepreneur at the bank and you can report the fees for banking services in full in tax expenses (costs).
  • With a trade account, you have the opportunity to obtain financing for business, even on the basis of account turnover (eg permitted overdraft, loan or car leasing).
  • Receiving payments from payment terminals or connecting the account to the billing system is only possible with an account set up for business.
  • According to the Act on Banks and the Tax Code, a bank is obliged to notify the tax office of the number of each established and canceled current account and deposit account of the entrepreneur. If you only use a personal account, the bank has no way of knowing that you also use it for business. The bank thus does not fulfill its legal obligation. If a bank is fined, it can recover it from you. | Dialog: *1100 | Tatra banka a.s.