Self employed accountTB

You can now get a new Self employed accountTB for entrepreneurs and freelancers free of charge.

Access to account via Tatra banka mobile application

Access to account via Tatra banka mobile application

VISA Electron business card for self employed account

1 debit card Visa Electron

Free credit card for the first 6 months

Free credit card for the first 6 months

Unlimited withdrawals from ATMs by mobile

Unlimited withdrawals from ATMs by mobile

Benefits of self employed account

Benefits of self employed account

Thanks to Self employed accountTB you can:

  • get a simple and quick overview of balances and movements
  • unlimited free withdrawal from Tatra banka ATMs by mobile through the Tatra banka mobile application
  • deposit to your account free of charge through the Tatra banka ATM network
  • have a free account
  • get the benefits of the Visa Benefit program

Within the package of services for Self employed accountTB you will get:

  • account maintenance in EUR,
  • payments via Internet bankingTB in CZK for clients of Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic,
  • 20 automated transactions,
  • Visa Electron debit card,
  • 2 cash withdrawals from the Tatra banka ATMs in the Slovak Republic and the ATMs of Raiffeisen Bank International AG,
  • unlimited number of account statements sent by e-mail at chosen intervals,
  • unlimited number of withdrawals from Tatra banka ATMs by mobile,
  • unlimited amount of email and push notifications of transactions executed on your account,
  • issue of one new company credit card for the first 6 months without charge,
  • an option to conclude favorable travel insurance for worldwide travels.
Check the benefits of self employed account

Account cost

The monthly fee for maintaining a Self employed accountTB is 0 EUR*.

*For the first 12 months you have free management without conditions, then you only need a credit transfer of at least EUR 500 per month, otherwise monthly fee is 7 EUR.

Of course, if you are interested, you can choose a package of business account services according to your own ideas and needs.

How to get your new account

You can easily obtain a Self employed accountTB at any Tatra banka branch.
All you have to do is submit:

  • valid identification document of persons present who are authorized to act on behalf of the company,
  • other documents according to the legal form in which you do business.

Necessary documents by legal form

All documents required by the Bank must be submitted as an original or notarized copy. If the document is in a language other than Slovak/English, an official translation of the document must also be submitted.

--- WJdocId-37166 ---
--- WJdocId-37167 ---

For other legal forms contact DIALOG Live.
In addition to the above documents, the Bank has the right to request additional documents.

Business account transfer

Transfer your account and enjoy the unlimited.

  • Transferring your account to Tatra banka will be quick and easy
  • We'll arrange everything for you
  • One visit to any Tatra banka branch is sufficient

Leave us your phone number and we will call you back.

Choose your service package

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