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Business bankingTB

Mobile application Business bankingTB

  • With the Business bankingTB mobile application, you will solve the requirements of corporate banking faster and more efficiently directly via your mobile phone.
  • The application provides the same functions that are available when using the Business bankingTB service via a web browser.
  • The mobile application can be used by all clients who have the Business bankingTB electronic banking service activated.

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The Business bankingTB application is available in the App store and Google Play:

With the Business bankingTB mobile application, you will solve the requirements of corporate banking faster and more efficiently directly via your mobile phone

Main Business bankingTB benefits

  • clear display of balances with the possibility of displaying a summary for user-selected accounts
  • intelligent form with automatic recognition of payment type (SEPA, foreign, express)
  • possibility of mass signing of payment orders conveniently via QR code
  • an overview of all company debit and credit cards, including their details
  • online card management (un/blocking, change of continents and limits) free of charge
  • the possibility of entering and signing applications without the need to visit a bank branch
  • flexibility in setting different profiles for users
  • possibility to set notifications for various events within the application
  • interactive help within the application
  • comparison of Business bankingTB, MultiCash and Internet banking functionalities


Supported browsers:

Business bankingTB is supported in these browsers:

  • Edge – version 83 and higher
  • Mozilla/Firefox – version 76 and higher
  • Safari – version 13.1 and higher
  • Chrome – version 83 and higher
  • Opera – version 69 and higher



  • Well-arranged display of various types of balances with a possibility of displaying a summary for the accounts selected by the user
  • Modern method of downloading statements for the accounting systems
  • Possibility of naming the accounts and marking the favourite ones
  • Displaying the authorised persons with the possibility to cancel them
  • Graphic display of cleared balance retrospectively for the last 12 months
  • Under one client a user can work with accounts and cards of several fi rms through a power of attorney


  • Overview of all corporate debit and credit cards including card details
  • Online card management (un-/blocking, change of continents and limits) free of charge
  • Possibility of naming the cards

Types of applications

  • Accounts – cancellation of authorised persons in particular account
  • Payment cards – replacement card, card cancellation, change of credit card limit, PIN
  • Guarantees – new or changed, approval of wording
  • Factoring – drawing
  • Loan – tranche specifi c drawdown


  • Possibility of placing payments manually or importing the payments from the accounting system with the option of using pre-defined templates
  • Intelligent form with automatic identifi cation of the payment type (SEPA, foreign payment, express payment)
  • Display of complete history of the particular batch of payments/payments with an overview of persons authorised to sign the batch of payments/payment
  • Well-arranged display of batches of payments /payments according to status
  • Possibility of mass signing of payment orders comfortably via QR code
  • Visually distinguished non-executed payments/batches of payments with displayed reason for non-execution
  • Summary of debits and credits for the accounts/period selected by the user
  • Possibility to export movements/batches of payments/payments from the application in different formats and languages


  • Possibility of placing and signing of the request without the need to visit bank branches
  • Possibility of mass signing of the request comfortably via QR code
  • Well-arranged display of requests according to status

Other benefits

  • Possibility of working under several legal entities on one log-in
  • Flexibility in setting of various profi les for users
  • Overview of user authorisations for working in the application and their online administration without the need to visit bank branch
  • Possibility of setting notifi cations on various events in the application
  • Interactive application guide | Dialog: *1100 | Tatra banka a.s.