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Evaluation and financial planning

Want to know the value and market price of your project and/or company and find ways to increase them? We will prepare a financial model tailored to your company.

  • We will evaluate your company.

  • We will independently review the price offered for your company.

  • We will evaluate your strategic plans.

  • We will help guide your next steps to maximise value.

Product details

Owners, company managers, and investors need to know their project’s value, and ways to keep increasing value. Our specialists will prepare a comprehensive financial and operational model of your company or project for real market valuation and further testing of various future development scenarios. Financial models contain static and dynamic data, and are built to give you a comprehensive information set that supports informed business and financial decisions.

Financial analysis

We will prepare a comprehensive financial overview of the company, especially in the following areas:

  • Analysis of assets and liabilities

  • Cash flow model

  • Analysis of current financial covenants

  • Debt capacity analysis

  • Financial evaluation based on DCF

  • Financial evaluation based on market comparison

  • Comparison with competitors

Cash flow analysis

We will analyse your company’s expected financial flows. A qualified estimate of future earnings is an important aspect of the company’s overall valuation – no major business or strategic decisions can be made without such estimate.

Debt capacity analysis

We will analyse and review your business’s cash flows, identify the potential for additional debt financing (investment, operating, and acquisition financing), and reveal any economic reserves.

Financial planning

We will develop potential scenarios for the financial development of your business, including:

  • Stress tests

  • Optimisation of working capital

  • Modelling of revenues and costs

  • Taking into account the impact of changes on financial and capital markets

  • Cost optimisation

  • Capital use and setting up optimal business management

  • Analyses of a wide range of risks


We will prepare a comprehensive evaluation of your company, individual divisions, and new projects, while testing numerous potential development scenarios, using the following methods:

  • DCF – evaluation based on discounted cash flows
  • Valuation method based on realised transactions
  • Valuation method based on comparisons with similar companies traded on capital markets

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