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My company

Tatra banka, a.s. carries out financial intermediation as an independent financial agent registered in the NBS register under reg. number 34945 for UNIQA pojišťovna, a.s., a branch of an insurance company from another member state and for Allianz - Slovenská poisťovňa, a. s.

Benefits of My company insurance

  • comprehensiveness - 1 contract is enough to take out movable property, building, liability and business interruption insurance
  • flexibility - you can choose from 4 coverage packages
  • simplicity – closing is quick and easy

Read the detailed conditions, including the scope of covered risks, in the Insurance guide

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Scope of insurance

Coverage name COMFORT
Basic coverage package
Extended coverage package
Comprehensive coverage package
Widest coverage package


Business interruption

General liability including defective product

Insured expenses

Assistance base

Water damage  

Glass breakage  

Burglary and robbery    


Breakdown of machinery and electronic devices (including short-circuit and overvoltage in construction elements)      

General liability for damage caused by discharge of pollutants (bodily injury, material damage)      

Assistance extended      

Earthquake (optional coverage)        


Insurance risks

  • Flexa – Covers damage caused by fire, smoke, lightning, explosion, implosion, plane crash, shock wave and vehicle impact.
  • NatCat – Covers damages due to natural events (flood, inundation, gale, stormy wind, hail, atmospheric precipitation, landslide, snow load, avalanche, volcanic eruption and falling objects).
  • Business interruption - Covers damage caused during the insurance period due to the interruption or limitation of your business due to the risk covered in your selected package.
  • General liability for damage, including defective product - Covers your liability for damage (damage to health, damage to property) caused to another person/victim during the performance of your insured business activity, products supplied by you and services provided by you.
  • Insured costs - Covers your costs that were caused by the insured event and at the same time covers the costs of averting an imminent insured event or mitigating its consequences (e.g. removal, cleaning, drying of insured items or building components, removal of rubble to the nearest landfill).
  • Assistance services (basic) - Assistance services in the event of a technical breakdown, blocked doors or other urgent assistance services.
  • Plumbing damage - Covers damage caused by water from a plumbing fixture, including damage caused by backflow of water.
  • Glass breakage - Covers breakage of glass or similar material with the same use (polycarbonate, plexiglass, etc.) that is part of your property.
  • Theft, Robbery - Covers theft or robbery of your property.
  • Vandalism - Covers damage to your property due to vandalism.
  • Machines and electronics - machine breakage (including short circuit and overvoltage on structural components of buildings) - Covers damage to your machines and electronics as a result of an unexpected event during their operation, interruptions in operation, installations, damage caused by incorrect setting of machines, overpressure, short circuit, overvoltage etc.
  • General liability for damage caused by the release of pollutants (damage to health/property) - Covers your liability for damage caused to another person/victim as a result of an accidental release of pollutants in connection with your insured activity or your defective product and services provided by you.
  • Assistance services (extended) - Assistance services for data recovery.
  • Earthquake (optional for all packages) - Covers damage to your property due to an earthquake.

Claim reporting and tracking

  • online reporting of an insurance claim through the Allianz website
  • by phone on the Allianz line +421 2 50 122 222
  • by mail to the address of the insurance company:
    Allianz – Slovenská poisťovňa, a. s.
    Pribinova 19
    811 09 Bratislava
  • in person at Allianz or Tatra banka branches

You can find the insurance contract number required for reporting a claim in your insurance contract, in your payment receipt, in the Tatra banka mobile application. 

Track your claim online

Frequently asked questions

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