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Visa Gold Business

Do you look for an ideal corporate credit card that will fulfill the demanding needs of your business and never limit you? Then you have found it. Visa Gold Business is a prestigious partner for your business.

Effective cash flow management with Visa Business Gold

Effective management of funds

Visa Business Gold – online overview of company expenses

100% overview of corporate income and expenses

Visa Business Gold credit card – a secure credit and payment tool

A flexible loan and an all-purpose payment tool in one

Visa Business Gold – your ticket to comfortable airport lounges

Free entry to premium airport lounges


Obtain above-standard benefits with your corporate payment card and enjoy premium services all over the world. They will be useful for your business activity:

Corporate payments with the Visa Business Gold credit card

  • AirRefund - pay for your tickets with your credit card and in case of delay, cancellation or insufficient flight capacity, you can get your money back, in addition to a discount on the management fee.
  • Visa Luxury Hotel Collection Program provides premium benefits in more than 900 exclusive hotels worldwide. You will book a hotel and use your Visa Gold Business card to pay.
  • Visa Asistencia. An exclusive assistance service that will come up with and organize anything for you, you don't have to worry about anything.
  • Discounts for Visa partners. Take advantage of advantageous discounts with selected Visa partners from various areas when paying with your card.
  • Saving on fees and interests reduces your expenses. Save on the fees for movements on your business account and fully use interest free drawing of funds for the period of up to 51 days.
  • Online card management
    Simply change the limits of your card and determine the continents on which you can pay with the card via the Tatra banka mobile application or via Internet bankingTB.
  • A partner for business trips that is available for you at any time and any place. Simply use the card to book air tickets, hotel room or car in a rental. It is accepted in more than 200 countries worldwide.
  • Free entry to the airport lounge
    With every international trip, you can enjoy free entry for yourself and one guest to the VIP airport lounge* at Vienna-Schwechat Airport.
    *For up-to-date information on airport lounges, visit the Vienna International Airport website.
  • E-statement represents a fast way of statement delivery to an e-mail address. Enjoy free sending of statements in the PDF format for printing or archiving or in the CSV format for importing in the accounting system.
  • Easy payment order saves your time. Because you can also settle invoices for goods and services from your suppliers directly by your credit card. Or you prefer transferring of the funds to your business account? It is also possible. Fast, simple, and comfortable.
  • Flexible repayments. You decide how much of the borrowed amount, in addition to the minimum instalment, you want to pay and in what form: direct debit, payment order or a cash deposit.
  • Unique travel insurance. Travel without worries about holidays, business trips or shopping abroad. In cooperation with UNIQA, we offer you annual travel insurance for only 36 EUR and for seniors over 65 years 48 EUR. It is valid worldwide, and one trip can take up to 90 days.
  • Transaction complaint
    The ordered goods have not been delivered to you? Or were you surprised by a transaction for which you did not enter your credit card information? You can enter a transaction complaint quickly and easily on your mobile via the Tatra banka mobile application.
  • Digital replacement card
    If your payment card is lost or damaged, you can request a free replacement card via the Tatra banka mobile application, which you can use in just a few seconds.


Visa Gold Business brings you benefits enabling you to save money on expenses, increase your profits and travel with comfort that belongs to your status.

Thanks to the loan options and funds always available you can also deal with any unexpected losses.

It is a card that never limits you, as it is accepted almost worldwide.

  • The total credit limit from 3 000 EUR
  • Interest rate 19 % p. a.
  • The minimum instalment is 5 % of the amount owed (at least 15 EUR)
  • Monthly card fee 9 EUR
  • Monthly fee for additional card 9 EUR

Credit card visual

A paper boat is not only a symbol of a journey, flow or life's voyage, but also carries a playful, poetic moment. The surface of the painting itself is covered with pasty painting, the author combines shades of white and white and creates a surface that resembles the sky and the water surface at the same time. The piled-up boats become smaller towards the top of the image into a triangular shape, and their width naturally narrows. This arrangement helps the perspective illusion and the composition thus acquires a surprising dynamic - the boats seem to disappear, flow away or rather fly away in the designated direction

Learn more about credit card visuals and artists themselves at ManifestTB


Cover cashflow losses with the Visa Gold credit card

Who is the card for?

The premium Visa Gold Business credit card is an ideal option for entrepreneurs, companies and businessmen with higher turnovers, who are demanding, travel a lot, do not want to be limited and look for a card fulfilling their most demanding business needs.

You can apply for the Visa Gold Business as follows:

  • limited liability companies and joint-stock-companies registered with the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic
  • persons conducting business on the basis of a trade license registered with the Trade Register of the Slovak Republic
  • persons conducting business on the basis of other than trade license, under a special legislation who are not registered with the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic, nor the Trade Register of the Slovak Republic
  • association of natural persons

Are you interested in drawing a loan with use of your Visa Gold Business card? Look whether you fulfill the basic conditions for its obtaining:

  • at least a 24-month history of your business activities without a change of legal form and bookkeeping method
  • a business relation with Tatra banka for at least 6 months
  • pursuing business in industries accepted by Tatra banka
  • submitting financial statements for the 2 previous completed accounting periods and up-to-date financial statements of the current year
  • meeting requirements of the evaluation model

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