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Look at the payment process via ComfortPay Let us guide you through the payment process of ComfortPay

Payment process via ComfortPay

Our ComfortPay guide shows you how to simply collect payments from your regular clients.


Simple and secure registration of a payment card holder

Card holders register their payment cards only once in a simple and secure way via the ComfortPay payment gateway by making a so-called registration transaction.


A registered client’s next purchase

  • After successful registration there is no need for card holders to make a new registration during the validity of their payment cards.
  • Clients confirm their next purchase by the “Pay” button without the need to enter any payment card details.

Payment management by you

  • You as the merchant can manage the execution of transactions, their recurring initiation and frequency according to your agreement with the card holder.
  • Transactions can be initiated anytime, for example on the monthly invoice due date, on the date when the goods are dispatched to a client, and at other designated times.


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