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Financing of the agricultural sector and structured financing

Choose the most suitable type of agricultural financing for your business.

Operational financing
for farmers

Financing of operational needs will enable you to get funds during the whole agricultural year, e.g. for the purchase of seeds, fertilisers, chemicals, fuels.


Investment financing for farmers

Are you planning a purchase, construction or reconstruction of real property or purchase of technology, machinery or equipment?
We are ready to finance your investment plans by medium- and long-term loans.


Bridge loan
for agribusiness

A bridge loan to agribusinesses can help you bridge the time span between filing the application for the EU agricultural grant and the actual payment thereof.


Financing agricultural land

For your business, land is your basic production mean. If you lost it, it would mean a disaster and a threat to your investments. Protect the future of your business. We will be happy to help.


Financing energy projects

We will refinance your stock of agricultural crops. If your company operates in agriculture, you can apply for financing of warehouse receipts.


EU project financing for farmers

Do you conduct business in agriculture? We offer financing of investment activities supported by the European Union funds.


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