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Tatra banka

19.6.2018 04:27

New corporate clients

Try out all that your company needs from its bank for free.

Try out

Try out


Dear company,

Please accept our invitation to visit Tatra banka. We are a financial institution most frequently chosen by successful businessmen and firms as their partner for corporate banking. Our contented clients represent more than 60% of the most successful firms according to the Trend TOP 200 list for 2013. We offer you the opportunity to try out our individual approach and professional corporate service. We will be glad if you get to know more about our services and become our partner.

Marcel Kaščák
member of the Board of Directors

A unique opportunity to try the most desired bank products and services for free

It is not only top-quality products and services that you get for your company in Tatra banka but also above-standard care which will simplify your business. Our expert relationship managers will prepare individual solutions of your requirements and help you with the execution of your business plans. We believe that you will find in us not just your bank but also a reliable partner.


Personal care and individual approach

We care that you are as well-informed as possible. Therefore we regularly prepare for you training seminars, business breakfasts with a selected topic or economic lectures. We regularly publish Tatra banka Research magazine in which you can find reviews, analyses, predictions and other interesting information from the field of economy, macro economy and banking. We provide you with a free quarterly Product statementTB so that you have an exact idea of products and services you use. It contains the list of all used products and services and provides you with well-arranged information about your activities.

Regular payment system

Get Tatra BusinessTB service packages with a 100 % discount on charge for the first 6 months for free.
Companies trading with foreign partners in other currency than EUR can utilise maintenance of an account with no service package in a foreign currency and outgoing cross-border standard payments for 6 months for free.


Financing of your company

Credit card with a 100 % discount on charge. Get the card for 6 months after approval of request for issuance of the card and provision of any service package.

Financing of operating needs with a 100 % discount on processing charge. You need to apply for financing by 6 months after current account opening.

Financing of investment needs with a 100 % discount on processing charge for the first year of the entire repayment period. You need to apply for financing in form of an instalment loan by 6 months after current account opening.

Financial leasing of motor vehicle with a 100 % discount on annual collision insurance is available for the first year of insurance. We cooperate with Tatra-Leasing, our subsidiary company, and UNIQA poisťovňa in case of this product.


Modern and innovative payment forms for you and your company

Multicash is available with a 100 % discount on installation charge. Multicash is an international system which allows companies communicate with several banks at the transnational level via single application.

POS terminal with a 100 % discount on a single charge for rent up to EUR 36 for the first 6 months of use. The service increases the comfort of your customer and allows you service several customers in a shorter time thanks to contactless payments by payment card or mobile telephone.


Accounts and cards

Accounts and cards

Tatra BusinessTB service package

  • For companies that want to make use of their finances effectively and transparently
  • Reduction of average costs for utilisation of daily services
  • Option to choose the most suitable service package
  • Offers a possibility of a 50 % discount on fee with the Reward programmeTB, in case daily balance of deposits and investments with Tatra banka and its subsidiaries exceeds the certain amount in the monitored period
  • Provides a possibility of a 50 % discount on personal current account Tatra PersonalTB

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Current account

  • account maintained without minimum balance in EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, CZK
  • possibility of issue of instant international payment card to current accounts maintained in EUR
  • services provided to current account: electronic banking - Internet bankingTB, DIALOG Live, text messages about account transactions, e-mail statement

View our current interest rate

Current account maintenance: EUR 4/month

View our current service charges



Payment cards

Corporate payment cards respect your business needs and allow you handle financial means independently, flexibly and comfortably - wherever you are.

Debit cards

  • international cards issued to current account
  • possibility of concluding travel insurance
  • possibility of contactless payments
  • card validity of 3 years

Corporate Visa Electron with daily limit from EUR 100 to EUR 3,000.

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Corporate Master Card with daily limit from EUR 300 to EUR 2,000.


Credit card

  • international cards with individual travel insurance
  • client does not need to have a current account
  • possibility of contactless payments
  • possibility of drawing a non-specific loan up to 51 days

Corporate Visa standard with the loan limit from EUR 650 to EUR 5,000.

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Corporate Visa gold with the loan limit from EUR 3,000.


Payment system

Move your financial means with Tatra banka simply and safe. All processes are set so that you can comfortably manage them at any time without visiting our branch.

Cross-border transfer

Money can be sent comfortably abroad or within the territory of Slovakia in a foreign currency.

  • in EUR or a foreign currency abroad /from abroad
  • in foreign currency within the territory of the SR
  • interbank transfer with currency conversion

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Separately regulated transfer

Transfer of financial means in terms of the European Economic Area countries in EUR currency with correctly defined IBAN of beneficiary, correct SWIFT (BIC) code of beneficiary´s bank and payment a payment instruction regarding fees defined as SHA.

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Domestic transfer

Transfer of financial means in EUR from payer´s account to another account maintained with Tatra banka or with other financial institution in the SR.
Express payment allows shortening of the standard period for processing transfers when the beneficiary´s bank or the intermediary bank disposes of the funds on the processing day.

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SEPA direct debit

Brings a comfortable way of execution of cashless cross-border payments to SEPA countries. It guarantees that regular payments will be paid as fast and at the same price as payments within the territory of Slovakia.

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Electronic banking

Electronic banking

Internet bankingTB

  • simple access to account without the necessity of visiting a branch
  • provides the option of making payment orders, monitoring current account status and transactions
  • logging in Internet bankingTB via PID, password and authorisation tool Card and ReaderTB
  • option of utilisation from any place in the world
  • 24/7 availability

Internet bankingTB for entrepreneurs allows:

  • entering unlimited payments with verification of signature specimen
  • signing payments with two signatures
  • importing batch payments in CSV format, Gemini and XML access to statements for accounting in ABO GPC, AS400 format, Clearing to Gemini

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Internationally used method of payment system of client with the bank allowing you communication with several banks in different countries via a single system.
You are concurrently allowed to use national modules for individual countries where banks are located.
Fees: EUR 200 - installation, EUR 50 - service with client, EUR 16.60 - card issue, EUR 100 - MiniKey issue.

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Card and ReaderTB

Tool dedicated to safer logging in Internet bankingTB , confirmation of payments and telephone verification upon contacting DIALOG Live contact centre.

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Mobile applications

Use Tatra banka services in your mobile.

Tatra banka application

Tatra banka application allows you to have Internet bankingTB always with you.

  • 24/7 access to Internet bankingTB
  • download the application and use it in Android, iOS or BlackBerry 10 operating systems
  • use the application on several mobile appliances

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ReaderTB in mobile

Download ReaderTB and use only your mobile telephone upon logging in Internet bankingTB.

  • simple usage
  • for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Windows Phone
  • as safe as standard Card and ReaderTB

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Saving products

Tatra banka provides you with professional care and best services in any area of management of your finances.

Standard term deposits

Capitalisation of financial means for the arranged hold period in the arranged currency, possibility to execute other deposits even during the account hold period.

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Term deposits for arranged hold period

Account with one-time deposit for an arranged hold period from 1 to 365 days. There is a possibility to get an individual interest rate with the volume over EUR 30,000.

Treasury and investment banking

These transactions require to sign Tatra banka Commercial Terms and Conditions for Performance of Transactions at the Treasury Division.


Short-term appreciation and investment
Term deposit

Capitalise your financial means safely.

  • possibility to arrange any maturity
  • individual interest rate
  • minimum volume of EUR 300,000.

Term deposit - i:deposit

Set the additional service of i:deposit simply and fast in your Internet bankingTB with the minimum volume of EUR 30,000.

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Progressive deposit

Make use of capitalisation of your financial means with the progressive deposit.

  • minimum deposit of EUR 100,000
  • interest period of 2 weeks or 1 month
  • crediting interests at the end of every interest period, interest rate gradually grows in every next interest period

The longer the period of total deposit hold lasts, the more interesting the interests.

Structured deposits
Tatra premium deposit - deposit with option

Deposit product bringing higher bearing interest compared to a current term deposit in an exchange for the risk that the bank might pay out the money on the deposit maturity day in other currency than the original one, EUR 50,000 in case of an auction, EUR 250,000 individually.

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Partially callable term

Product allowing the client one-time revocation of the maximum of 25 % of deposit volume after at least one month. The minimum volume is EUR 30,000.

Currency transactions
Spot currency conversion

Conversion of financial means from one currency to another settled on the second working day after transaction arrangement.

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Term currency conversion - forward

Allows to fix the permanent exchange rate to the conversion that will be executed in the future (the bank guarantees this exchange rate regardless of where the current exchange rate will stand on the conversion execution day).

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Currency swap

Temporary exchange of one currency for another while the exchange rate is fixed, which eliminates the exchange risk.

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