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ComfortPay service

Simplify clients' payments with our recurring payment service. 

Simple recurring payments via e-banking for Internet shops


Highly convenient online payments via an e-shop with ComfortPay


Secure online recurring payments for e-shop owners



  • designed for companies repeatedly collecting payments from their customers
  • payments can have a regular or irregular frequency, the same or a variable amount
  • enables clients of any bank in Slovakia or abroad holding a VISA, MasterCard, Maestro or Diners Club International payment card to pay conveniently in your e-shop and benefit from the advantages of recurring payments
  • offer your clients the option to store their payment card details in the secure Tatra banka system to simplify their next purchase
  • a highly flexible tool that you can adapt to your needs and the settlement method agreed with your client

Look at the benefits brought to you by service ComfortPay

System security

  • All sensitive information is secured during transfer and subsequently safely stored in the Tatra banka system.
  • No sensitive data are stored on your side so you incur no costs related to increasing system security and bear no risks associated with unauthorized use of sensitive data.

Qualification conditions

  • holding a business account with Tatra banka and owning a company registered in the Business Register or Trade Register in the Slovak Republic
  • entering into contracts for CardPay and ComfortPay services
  • the e-shop must not contain any information that could be in conflict with the laws of the Slovak Republic
  • setting up the service according to the supplied technical specification for implementation


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