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Currency options and strategies 

Currency option represents the right to purchase (Call) or sell (Put) one currency against another on the specified day in the future at a previously arranged exchange rate. Premium is paid for option purchase, client receives premium for option sale.


We offer these options:

  • Reinsurance against currency risk by investing into purchase of options
  • Option owner has a possibility to choose, i.e. he/she can request deal performance or get out of deal
  • Cost-free currency reinsurance (hedging) is possible by a beneficial combination of currency options


Purchased option Forward
Minimum volume 50 000 EUR Minimum volume 30 000 EUR
Right to purchase/sell 1 currency against another  Obligation to purchase/sell 1 currency against another 
Necessity to pay premium No initial costs
Client chooses exchange rate (Strike) Exchange rate calculated by client dealer
Flexible hedging tool with numerous variations  Simple hedging tool 


  • Minimum volume 50 000 EUR
  • Settlement within 1 year
  • Conclusion of deals via telephone from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
  • Signed contract with the Clients Department, Capital Markets Division

Capital markets division client department contact

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