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Overdraft with guarantee SIH / NDF II - Anti-corona

Funding with the Anti-Corona Guarantee will help you mitigate the effects of the restrictions caused by COVID-19.

You can apply for a loan at a bank branch or through your Relationship Manager.


  • Secured by a guarantee from Slovak Investment Holding
  • Overdraft
  • Maximum loan amount 1 180 000 EUR
  • Loan maturity 12 months, with extensions of a maximum of 48 months
  • The purpose of the loan is to finance working capital (establishment/strengthening/expansion of a new or existing business activity, support for a small or medium-sized entrepreneur with limited access to capital)


  • No warranty fee
  • Preferential interest rate
  • Reduction of the requirement to secure a loan

Who can apply for a loan with a guarantee of Anti-corona

  • the client is a Slovak entity, entrepreneur or self-employed person,
  • small and medium enterprises up to 250 employees, with an annual turnover of max. 50 million EUR or assets of max. 43 million EUR.

Basic conditions for obtaining a loan

  • the company is not a firm in difficulty, it is not the subject of collective insolvency proceedings,
  • the client is registered in the register of public sector partners, if the RPVS Act applies to him.

Documents required to assess the application

  • Financial statements and tax return for the previous two completed accounting periods together with a confirmation of filing a tax return for completed accounting periods, if they are not published in the register of financial statements (source: registeruz.sk),
  • Confirmation of filing a tax return for completed accounting periods,
  • Completed questionnaire of Tatra banka with additional information to the loan application,
  • Completed questionnaire to test a company in difficulty.

EU a Ministry of Transport and Construction SR   Ministry of Economy SR

Slovak Investment Holding

"Funding shall be provided within the framework of the benefits of support from the operational program co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds."

"Loans are secured by a guarantee under the financial instrument SIH Anti-Corona Guarantee".

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