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Why invest?

The largest companies in the world innovate, earn, grow. Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Starbucks and Microsoft are synonymous with success. Making money on them is easier than it seems. Thanks to mutual funds, you can participate in the success of the biggest players in the world. Billions of euros in mutual funds across Europe are clear proof of this.

  • The main objective of investing is to grow assets and achieve attractive returns.
  • Inflation protection so that you can buy at least as much as you do today for your savings today.
  • Mutual funds are the easiest way to invest in the financial markets.
  • They invest money in multiple assets because they do not rely on a single player.
  • They operate on the principle of collective investment, which are invested by professionals in the financial markets.
  • And in doing so, they offer money availability at any time. 

Through your Internet bankingTB, in the Mutual Funds section, we allow you to:

  • open an account and make your first investment in online funds if you have not yet invested in mutual funds,
  • if you have already invested, we will allow you to make another investment (once or regularly), move shares between funds, or redirect (redeem) shares.

In the Tatra banka mobile app, in the Mutual funds tab, you will find:

  • overview and graphical representation of all your investments,
  • overview of transactions performed,
  • graphical representation of your investments by funds,
  • monthly summary of the development of mutual fund value, their performance, as well as the comment of the manager's portfolio,
  • current value of investments in all their savings.
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Online investments from the comfort of your home

More details about online investments:

Online investments via Internet bankingTB in the Mutual funds section are governed by the sales prospectus of each mutual fund (also including the statute) and the valid business terms and conditions.

The authorized person needs to agree to have information about the account balance available in Internet bankingTB. Before investing in mutual funds, please study the key information for investors about each fund.

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We choose from our fund offer:

The most conservative solutions available to everyone.

For information on more dynamic solutions with higher yield potential, please visit or go directly to the Offer of funds tab.

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