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Tatra banka

26.5.2018 10:22

Factoring and other forms of receivable financing

With factoring from Tatra banka you can get the money from your
customers even before their due date.

  • No. one on the market for 5 years
  • advance payment up to 90% of unsettled invoices amount 
  • money on your account within 24 to 48 hours
  • the option to address the risk of receivable non-payment


Factoring means simple method of operational financing of short-term receivables from business relations before their due date.

  • Money available immediately
    • using factoring ensures higher amount of funds at your disposal
    • the possibility to get discount from your suppliers for fast settlement of your payables
  • Adjust to your business
    • with factoring you can usually get a higher credit line than with standard overdraft loan
    • the volume of funds depends on the sales volume; by increasing the sales you also increase the amount of the granted funds
    • you can use the provided funds for any purpose, we do not review the funds usage
    • receivables from creditworthy clients usually represent a sufficient security
  • We look after your receivables
    • you can concentrate on your business and leave your receivables to us
    • when we look after your receivables you reduce the risk of their non-settlement
    • we take the insurance of local and foreign receivables for you
  • You will surpass your competitors
    • you can grant longer maturity periods to your customers and at the same time gain funds immediately, which you can then use for business
  • Keep your funds under control
    • factoring ensures easy planning, manages the regular cash flow in your company and improves liquidity
    • in the event of non-recourse factoring we provide security against the customer's insolvency or unwillingness to pay the receivables
    • factoring is not a loan and as such does not increase the company's credit exposure


Factoring types offered by Tatra banka:

  • Domestic factoring
    Financing of short-term trade receivables before maturity from domestic customers.
  • International factoring
    Same as domestic factoring, except that the receivables are from international customers.
  • Recourse factoring
    A method of receivables purchasing with recourse. You are liable for the proper performance of the receivable by the customers.
  • Non-recourse factoring
    A method of receivables purchasing where the risk of failure to pay the receivable by the customer - due to insolvency or unwillingness to pay - is assumed by us.
  • Supplier factoring
    A specific financial service where we finance the client's payables to local or foreign suppliers. We provide the client with a new/extended maturity for settled payables.
  • Reverse factoring
    A specific financial service where we finance a supplier's receivables, while negotiating the general terms of financing with the customer. The financing is then provided to individual suppliers in line with the negotiated individual general terms.


We need the following documents for the preparation of a specific factoring offer:

1. Completed application for factoring

2. Financial statements

  • If you keep double-entry bookkeeping, we need:
    • balance sheet,
    • income statement for the last two years, and
    • statement for the last closed quarter
  • If you keep single-entry bookkeeping, we need:
    • statement of assets and liabilities
    • income and expenditure statement for the last two years
    • the last closed quarter

3. A copy of the contract with the customer (or a copy of the relevant order)

4. In the event of insurance, the existing insurance policy - a copy of the insurance policy and copies of the approved insurance limits for individual customers in the event of your own receivables insurance.

Now you need to give answers to several questions and we will customise factoring for you.

You can send the document directly to our e-mail or postal address. We will contact you with a specific offer.


postal address
Tatra banka a.s.
Factoring Division
Hodžovo námestie 3
P.O.BOX 42
850 05 Bratislava 55



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About factoring

About factoring

We are the biggest factoring company in Slovakia:

  • with over 18 years of experience
  • we offer all financial services for companies "under one roof"
  • we are a constituting member of Slovak Association of Factoring Companies (AFS)
  • we offer the widest range of products for factoring of receivables
  • to domestic customers in the volume of almost EUR 270 mil. Out of total turnover the majority was represented by recourse factoring with the share of 72%, the remaining 28% was represented by non-recourse factoring.