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Tatra banka

22.6.2018 17:24

Key person insurance

This insurance gives you certainty that should an insured event, such as death, full working disability or inability to work of the key person who is requisite for your company's business occur, you will still be able to repay your loan.

  • security of loan repayment
  • protection for you, your company and family
  • can be agreed for instalment and overdraft loan
  • easy handling at any Tatra banka branch


  • protection for the insured event occurrence, such as death, full working disability, or the inability to work of the key person
  • the option to cover losses that arise due to the key person's absence in the company
  • additional security for new and existing business loan
  • key person selection
  • affordable insurance that offers certainty for your loan repayment
  • the option of tax deduction of the paid premium
  • easy payment by way of automatic collection


You can choose one of three insurance coverage packages:

Package A - insurance of death (only Package A available for overdraft loan)

Package B - insurance of death
and full disability

Package C - insurance of death, full disability and
inability to work



1. New/existing business loan:

  • BusinessLoanTB Expres
  • BusinessLoanTB Hypo

2. Key person selection

Key person can be a person in employment or ownership relationship with the policy holder or a person who is a statutory body of the policy holder who makes the insurance policy.

3. Fulfilment of conditions for key person insurance

For the insurance policy it is required that the insured (key) person fulfils the basic insurability requirements stated in the insurability questionnaire for the selected insured risk package.