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Open bankingTB

Open up to new possibilities. Allow yourself or your clients access to the bank's products and services through an external environment of your choice.

Open banking

Premium APITB - accounts

  • Get information on account movements and balances without having to log in to the banking application.
  • Access your account information through your accounting system, billing application, or any other application of your choice.
  • Ensure automatic matching of payments to invoices or orders.

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Premium APITB - payments

  • Enter payments without having to enter the banking application.
  • Automate the payment process and reduce errors.
  • Enter invoice payment orders directly from your accounting or billing system.


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One bankingTB

  • Connect your accounts in other banks to the best Internet bankingTB in Slovakia.
  • Keep all your accounts in one place and get a better idea of your finances.
  • Enter payments from accounts in other banks from the Internet bankingTB environment.


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  • Pay for purchases in e-shops with a loan.
  • Take a tied installment loan directly from Tatra banka via the e-shop for anything you need from the comfort of your home.
  • Spread the payment for the goods over a longer period.

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  • Access your account information through your Account Information Service Provider (AISP).
  • Initialize payment orders through the payment initialization service provider - PISP.

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