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Tatra banka

19.6.2018 04:23

Financing of technology purchase with bank guarantee of Eximbanka SR

Are you planning to modernise and streamline production by way of new technology? Use a loan granted for technology purchase with the bank guarantee of Eximbanka SR.

  • bank guarantee of Eximbanka SR
  • quickly raised funds for technology purchase
  • the option to defer the loan instalments
  • also available for less creditworthy clients


  • bank guarantee of Eximbanka SR for a loan granted for technology purchase
  • Eximbanka SR´s guarantee for a part of the loan, and thus less requirements on the loan security
  • quickly raised funds for technology purchase
  • the option to defer loan instalments to the period when the goods are actually exported and payments from final consumers are remitted
  • provision of the loan also for less creditworthy clients or in the event the requested loan amount does not correspond to the client's financial standing


Eximbanka SR shall issue a bank guarantee for the loan provided for technology purchase for up to 80% of the loan principal. It is an instalment loan facility with a maturity of mostly 2 years and more, and the loan amount must not exceed 70% of the total costs incurred by the client for the technology purchase. The amount of coverage depends on the provided loan amount, the loan maturity, and, naturally, the client's creditworthiness.

  • the loan is released against invoices for technology purchase, which at the same time represent documents for Eximbanka proving the purpose of the provided loan and the bank guarantee issued in connection therewith. Every loan instalment shall reduce the amount of the bank guarantee in percentage corresponding to the loan covered by the Eximbanka´s bank guarantee.
  • The loan is repaid from payments remitted to the account by final consumers of the goods. The final loan maturity must not fall after the bank guarantee expiry date. The bank guarantee usually expires 14 days after the final maturity date of the loan.
  • Security of the provided loan for Tatra banka usually represents receivables from foreign customers (in the form of a pledge) or other type of security according to the conditions of the specific business transaction. In this case, the purchased technology is the security for the issued bank guarantee in favour of Eximbanka.


The main condition is that the purchased technology is used for the manufacture of the goods intended mainly for export, and the majority of the components required for such goods manufacturing must be of Slovak origin. In addition, you must present the following:

  • company's financial statements for the previous 2 years + the latest current statements
  • extract from the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic (not older than 3 months)
  • completing the forms required by Eximbanka SR (an application for bank guarantee issuance, financial statements for the last 3 years, tax return, completed tables)
  • customer contracts
  • contract for technology purchase
  • invoices proving the technology purchase and you allow the employees of Eximbanka SR to perform inspection