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Premium APITB – payments

Looking for a way to speed up and automate payments?

Use the payment option via the API interface and enter payments automatically without the need to enter the banking application.

Basic information

Premium APITB service - payments will connect your application with the bank's system via the API interface. Thanks to this link, you can enter payment orders directly from your accounting system or any other application according to your needs. You can enter standard one-time SEPA payments, instant or foreign payments in JSON and XML Pain .001 formats. The Premium API service also allows you to enter a batch payment and a batch instant payment in the XML Pain .001 format.

Take advantage of the benefits provided by our service: provided by our service:

  • convenient and fast way of entering payments through the accounting system or another application,
  • possibility to combine instant and SEPA payments within one batch,
  • send instant payments in seconds,
  • communication with the bank via a secure API interface,
  • Immediate overview of the status of payments,
  • automation of the payment entry process and reduction of errors,
  • service available 24 hours a day.

Procedure for obtaining the service

We provide two ways to use our service:

1. Access through the Premium APITB partner application

If you do not want to waste time implementing or have no experience using APIs, you can use the service in the application of one of our partners.

How to activate the service?

  1. Choose from a list of Premium APITB partners.
  2. Log in or register in the partner application.*
  3. Enter the payment according to the instructions in the application.

*To complete the registration, the application may require you to agree to the terms of use. These conditions are determined exclusively by the service partner.


  • instant access to the service
  • no implementation costs
  • no knowledge of API needed

2. Access via own application

You can also use the service through your own application.

How to activate the service?

  1. Register on our Developer portal.
  2. After approval of the registration, we will send you a notification e-mail.
  3. Log in to the Developer portal and create a new application.
  4. Test the functionality in our test environment (Sandbox).
  5. Request access to the production environment by sending a request to developer@tatrabanka.sk.
  6. We will contact you to agree with you on the terms of use of the Premium APITB - payments service.
  7. You sign contracts at a branch or through your relationship manager.
  8. You will receive a notification email to allow access to the production environment.
  9. The service is successfully activated.


  • entering payments through the application of your choice
  • the solution is tailored to the client's needs

Terms of service for both types of access:

  • be the owner of a business account in Tatra banka and a company registered in the OR SR or ŽR SR,
  • the person who will make the payment must have the appropriate authorizations for the given account in accordance with the agreement concluded with the bank (IAAP Agreements).

How to make a payment

Entering a payment* is very simple and secure. Just go through 5 steps:

  1. Log in to your application or to the application of one of our partners.
  2. Fill in the required payment details.
  3. After entering the payment, you will be redirected to our banking portal, where you will enter your login details for Internet bankingTB (PID, password and code from the ČítačkaTB ReaderTB).
  4. You will see a pre-filled payment order with the option to confirm the payment. The service may also require additional verification via the ČítačkaTB (ReaderTB).
  5. After confirming it, you will be redirected back to the application with information about the result of the payment.

    *In order to enter one-time payment orders, it is necessary to have at least one payment account maintained in Tatra banka, and at the same time to be authorized to use the Internet bankingTB service for the given account to the extent that allows independent disposal of financial resources.
    Any authorized person assigned to a given payment account can create a batch file with payment orders. If the authorized person is simultaneously authorized to use the Internet bankingTB service for the given account to the extent that allows for independent disposal of financial resources, he can directly enter (i.e. authorize, sign) the batch file with payment orders and thereby send it to the bank for processing. If the authorized person does not have such authorizations for the given account, he can send the batch file with payment orders for input (i.e. authorization, signature) to the Internet banking of other authorized persons.

Premium API priebeh platby


Accounting easily with SuperFaktúra

A simple and intuitive online system that makes it easier for entrepreneurs to issue invoices and manage costs. You register the received invoices from suppliers in SuperFaktúra and from there you enter payment orders directly from there. You need them all at once.
SuperFaktúra is also available as a highly rated mobile application. Automatic retrieval of data by name or ID number of the client, invoices in foreign languages and invoicing currencies, cost records, automatic matching of payments, reports and also access for an accountant who downloads the documents himself whenever he needs them.


Fast payment of invoices and costs

Bill through POHODA

POHODA is a comprehensive accounting and economic software for small, medium and large companies from the ranks of individuals and legal entities. It allows double and simple accounting for an unlimited number of entities and satisfies both taxpayers and non-payers. The system is industry-neutral and suitable for sole proprietors, entrepreneurs and companies engaged in production, trade and the provision of services. In the POHODA program, a set of homebanking functions allows you to create and process files that are used to transfer data between the bank and the client. Through the Tatra banka Premium API service, it is possible to download real movements on the account to the POHODA program directly and at the current time. Online communication also applies to the SEPA payment order, which is sent directly to Tatra banka within the Tatra banka Premium API service, and after redirection from Pohoda in Tatra banka's Internet banking, it is also possible to authorize and sign it.

Bill through POHODA

Get an overview of your accounting through aMusevity

The company aMusevity, s. r. o. is a modern, fully digital accounting firm that delivers a fully digital interface and user - friendly accounting outputs through its customer zone. Thanks to aMusevity - customer zone, the client saves his time and always gets an up-to-date overview of his company's management.


Manage accounts through aMusevity

Online administration with FINUS/DOMUS

ANASOFT excels in creating software solutions and technological innovations to support the digital transformation of businesses. The portfolio includes complex enterprise information ERP systems. FINUS for the management of entities of various types and the DOMUS real estate management system, in which more than 850 000 residential and non-residential premises are managed. They are available via the eFINUS and eDOMUS mobile apps. Individual system modules manage economic-financial, personnel and payroll processes for business companies, management companies, heat producers, personnel agencies or law firms.

Online administration with FINUS/DOMUS

Digitization of accounting with Doklado

Doklado is an application for digital processing of notepads and invoices for entrepreneurs and accountants. It enables full digitization of accounting, without the need for a paper archive. Through an unlimited digital archive, entrepreneurs store and hand over documents to accountants on an ongoing basis. Blocks and invoices are automatically archived and extracted into data form, ready for export to accounting. With the help of the mobile application, users can archive notes and invoices in a few seconds. Doklado offers an unlimited number of users and companies in one user account. Simplification and acceleration of document processing by more than 50 %.

Digitization of accounting with Doklado

Manage your business with eso/es

HT Solution s.r.o. has been implementing the eso/es business information system for 20 years, which is designed for medium and large companies and covers business processes from purchasing through warehousing, production, sales and shipping to finance. All modules are integrated into one unit and in addition to standard functions, the system is equipped with a number of additional modules such as CRM, WMS, eMotion, eDelivery, etc. All this is supported by quality controlling, today necessary for quick and correct decisions, available anywhere via laptop or mobile phone.

Manage your business with eso/es

Do business with E3M

The comprehensive business information system E3M contains modules from the field of logistics, production, business management, including a comprehensive range of economic software for accounting in the system of single or double entry accounting. All modules are interconnected, so changes are immediately reflected throughout the system in real time. Economic software processes data from other modules of the information system (warehouse management, shop). It has built-in functionalities for automatic billing and payment matching with a number of control mechanisms.

Do business with E3M

Competitive advantage with EIB LLARIK

The EIB LLARIK economic information system is the result of more than 30 years of development. It provides all standard functionalities for company management. Business with an online connection to the e-shop, logistics using scanners, warehouse positions, batch and expiration records, sophisticated deliveries with the integration of interfaces for transport companies, online management of business operations, automatic invoicing, electronic archive, BI and many other "goodies" aimed at is to optimize, streamline and bring competitive advantage. As a bonus to the delivery of the information system, it provides data space rental with professional administration. The company received the EuroCloud Slovakia Award.

Competitive advantage with EIB LLARIK


With an overview and on time - MK-soft

MK-soft is a company dedicated to the development of economic software for keeping economic, payroll, business and warehouse records of the company. During the development, we focused on creating a technologically advanced program along with maintaining the simplicity of control and the clarity of displaying information. In cooperation with Tatra banka, we enable clients to use the Premium API, which enables quick and easy communication with the bank, without the need to exchange files.

MK Soft - With an overview and on time


Invoicing online via trovi

It serves entrepreneurs as an invoicing tool Project & Time tracker for project management, which will be appreciated especially by freelancers. However, the added value is mainly integrated business services such as Accounting and Payroll, Law, Tax Consulting and more. You get a certified accountant or lawyer online when you need him. Trovi takes responsibility for the services provided and any errors.

Invoice online via trovi

If you are interested in becoming a Tatra banka partner and offering the Premium APITB service to your clients, do not hesitate to contact us at developer@tatrabanka.sk.

Frequently asked questions

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