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CardPay service

Simplify the payment system for your customers in your e-shop and increase your profits. Just let them pay online, comfortably from their homes by payment cards.
Now your clients can also pay with Apple Pay.

Easy payments by card for the customers of e-shops

Comfortably payments via CardPay

Quick online payments by card for e-shops

Online transactions performed in 10 seconds

A secure payment tool for e-shops

Payment security guaranteed by 3-D Secure technology


CardPay is a service preferred by many customers. Become entrepreneurs offering this service and use all the benefits it provides.

CardPay benefits for your e-shop:

  • Improve the services of your e-shop. Simplify the purchase of goods and services for your customers and offer them a simple, quick and secure way of online payments by payment cards.
  • Rely on an universal payment method. CardPay enables clients of any bank at home or abroad owning VISA, MasterCard, Maestro or Diners Club International payment cards to pay in your e-shop.
  • Immediate shipment of the purchased goods or services. After paying for the goods and services by the customer, you will get a message from the bank and can dispatch the goods immediately.
  • Express crediting of payments. The payment for goods or service will be credited to your business account maintained with Tatra banka on the following business day after the transaction date.
  • Language versions for faster communication with the entire world. Provide the customers of you e-shop with a payment gate in the language they know.
  • Responsive design for all devices. The CardPay payment gate is optimized for displaying on various devices. It is adjustable to the size of a mobile device display.
Receive online payments also via mobile phones

 Available languages: Slovak, English, German, Hungarian, Czech, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish.

Tatra banka has launched the option of payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay within the CardPay payment gateway.

Apple Pay

Within the CardPay payment gateway, Tatra banka launched the option of making payments via Apple Pay.

Apple Pay offers your customers a simple and secure payment method in your e-shop. Your customers using iPhone, iPad, or Mac can use this modern payment method. Payments via Apple Pay are faster and easier than accepting traditional credit or debit cards.

Customers no longer have to look for the right wallet and wallet. They can pay with a single click in your apps or on your website to confirm payment via biometrics.

Tatra banka implemented Apple Pay as part of the CardPay payment gateway. Therefore, no additional implementation specifically for Apple Pay is required.
From your point of view, payment via Apple Pay will be the same as your traditional payment card.

Let your customers know that you accept Apple Pay. Place the Apple Pay logo on your website together with other card companies logos.

Google Pay

By using the CardPay payment gateway, you will automatically also be able to receive payments via Google Pay.

Google Pay implemented in the CardPay payment gateway will allow your customers to pay without looking for the right card in their wallet. Just click on the Google Pay logo and the customer can pay with the card they have stored in their Google Account, Chrome browser or Android mobile device. Google Pay is not tied to a specific device, and this payment can be used by your customers when they shop in your eShop from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone of any brand.

From the merchant's point of view, payment via Google Pay has the same process as a standard card payment, without additional implementation.

Let your customers know that you're accepting payments via Google Pay today. Place the Google Pay logo on your website for the "Payment by card" payment method.

You can find Google’s Terms at this link: https://payments.developers.google.com/terms/sellertos

By using the CardPay payment gateway, you will automatically also be able to receive payments via Google Pay


Multicurrency – online payments for e-shops with support of various currencies

Multicurrency enables your customers to pay for the goods in a foreign language

The easier you make the purchasing process for your customers in your e-shop, the faster their shopping will be. The Multicurrency service can help you with it:

  • Allow the e-shop customers to pay for goods or services without the need to convert prices and to pay additional fees for payments in a foreign currency;
  • Offer the goods and services in your e-shop to foreign customers whose local currency is CZK, HUF, PLN, GBP, DKK, USD, or CHF;
  • A precondition for using the service is a business account maintained with Tatra banka in the same currency, as the one you want to offer to your foreign customers.

How to get CardPay

To activate the CardPay service you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • be an owner of a business account in Tatra banka and a company registered in the Commercial Register or Trade Register in the Slovak Republic,
  • your e-shop must not contain any information that could be in conflict with the laws of the Slovak Republic,
  • conclude an agreement for the CardPay service operation,
  • set the service according to the supplied technical specification for the service implementation.


Look at the conditions, which you need to fulfill to activate CardPay
Hint for you

Do you target also at foreign clients? We have multiple language versions as well as the possibility to pay with various currencies via Multicurrency.

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