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Google Wallet (Google Pay)

Pay with your NFC Android smartphone contactless or at thousands of online merchants.

Pay contactlessly with Google Pay

Pay contactlessly

With your Android smartphone

With your Android smartphone

Google Pay also in your Smart Watch

Pay with Smart watch

With Google Pay, you can pay anywhere in the world

Anywhere in the world

Supported cards

Google Pay is supported for cards:

  • Visa private
  • Visa Business
  • Visa private credit card standard
  • Visa private credit card gold
  • Visa Platinum private credit card
  • Visa company credit card standard
  • Visa corporate credit card gold

Google Pay is supported for both debit and credit cards

How to add a card to Google Wallet

To add a card to Google Wallet, it is necessary to have active Internet bankingTB or in the Tatra banka mobile application.

To pay in shops, you need to have a smartphone running Android 5.0 or later that supports NFC and have the Google Wallet app installed. If there is no app on your smartphone, download it from the store Google Play.

Payments via Smart Watch are available for devices with Wear OS version 2 and later that support NFC functionality, you also need to have Google Wallet installed.

You can add the card to Google Wallet via:


  • manually by filling in the card details and entering the verification code, which we will send to your Internet bankingTB message box or the Tatra banka mobile application
  • by simply clicking on the "Add to Google Wallet" button in the Tatra banka application

Smart Watch

  • open the Google Wallet app on your watch
  • tap Getting started
  • set your screen lock (if you haven't already)
  • follow the instructions to add a credit or debit card on your smartphone
  • the card will appear in your watch

How to pay Google Pay 

With Google Pay, you only need to bring your device to the merchant's terminal

Paying with Google Pay is convenient and secure. In-store payment is sufficient:

  • turn on the display and unlock the phone screen
  • place phone at merchant terminal
  • that's all - after making a payment, a confirmation will appear on your phone screen

With Google Pay, you can also make payments on the Internet and in mobile applications if the merchant supports this service.

Frequently asked questions

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