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BusinessLoanTB Variant

Are you looking for a loan customized to the most demanding business requirements?
Take advantage of the individual assessment of your application and choose your BusinessLoanTB Variant.

A business loan with customized financing

Customized financing

A business loan with a favorable interest rate

Favorable interest rate

A business loan up to €1 million with various security options, including pledging of property

Maximum limit up to 1 500 000 EUR

Possibility of real estate security

Possibility of real estate security


BusinessLoanTB Variant can be used for almost anything. It will allow you to:

  • get funds to buy property,
  • finance the purchase of machinery, equipment, technology and fulfil other investment needs,
  • get funds for the purchase of business premises,
  • finance the purchase of inventories,
  • repay existing loans with one loan,
  • use the funds for the construction, maintenance or refurbishment of a property,
  • use the loan to secure a bank guarantee.

If your business ambitions know no limits, BusinessLoanTB Variant is an ideal means to fulfil them.

BusinessLoanTB Variant is a special-purpose business loan that takes into account even the most demanding requirements and financing ideas. The loan is customized to your specific financing purpose and gives you an option to combine various types of security.

Interest rate is specified individualy, based on the client's attributes

With BusinessLoanTB Variant you decide:

  • the form of loan disbursement (overdraft/instalment),
  • one-time or gradual loan drawing,
  • loan repayment period and frequency of instalments.


BusinessLoanTB Variant is a business loan and an ideal aid for sole proprietors and entrepreneurs with a business history of at least 24 months. It is available to all those who are, and even those who are not, Tatra banka’s clients, provided they fulfill the financial requirements.

The loan amount is flexible.

You can borrow from 100 000 EUR to a maximum amount of 1 500 000 EUR. The choice of form is up to you: an overdraft or instalment loan.

Loan repayment period: overdraft loan – 1 year with reassessment, instalment – 1 to 5 years.

The loan can be secured in the following ways:

  • movable assets/property,
  • receivables from customers,
  • bank guarantee/bank guarantee by SZRB (Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank),
  • securities,
  • customer’s funds in a term account with Tatra banka,
  • investment in mutual funds managed by Tatra Asset Management,
  • guarantee by another legal entity,
  • or a combination of the above.
A business loan with an individual approach to each application

How to get a loan

Who can apply for the BusinessLoanTB Variant:

  • a limited liability company, joint-stock company, general partnership, limited partnership or a cooperative registered in the Business Register of the Slovak Republic,
  • persons pursuing business under a trade license and registered in the Trade Register of the Slovak Republic,
  • persons pursuing business under a license other than a trade license under special legislation who are not registered in the Business Register of the Slovak Republic or the Trade Register of the Slovak Republic,
  • an association of natural persons.

Meet following conditions:

  • the applicant must have at least a 24-month business history,
  • pursues business in industries acceptable to the bank,
  • the applicant is able to submit financial records and provide acceptable loan security,
  • the applicant is able to document the purpose and use of the special-purpose loan.

Documents required for assession your loan application:

  • financial statements and tax returns for two previously-ended accounting periods and the most recent financial statements in the current year,
  • certificates of tax returns filed for the ended accounting periods,
  • a completed Tatra banka questionnaire with supplementary information for the loan application.

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